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Traveller T20. Tukera Tour of Terror campaign log


It is now 993 of the Third Imperium. Current location of players boarding the Q-Bert 3 in orbit of Pokka (L-2627 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain) which is part of ‘The Reach’ pocket empire. This is only Imperium allied worlds in this sector.

The extras.
Crew of Bert 3
Captain Eddie Smith, Lt Piero Calamai, Pilot Billy Turner
Head Engineer Tommy Pickles Andrews, Doctor J. H. Wells
Head Steward T. H. Warren, Steward Benji Harrison
Gunner Fred G Halberstadt, Gunner Christopher Jones
Gunner Marvin R. Young, Gunner Jamie M. Sprayberry

Marines Death Dogs Charlie Company
Capt Cass J Mason -Cargo master of Q Bert
Lt Paige Mitch, 2nd LT Woody Williams
Gunnery Sgt Willy Adams, Staff Sgt John Bobo
Corpsman Alice Rascon, Corporal Charles Weeks
Corporal Jesse N. Funk, Lance Mary E Walker
PFC Ted T Tanouye, PFC Donna C Faith II Gunner of Bert
Pvt Alexander Mack, Pvt Donald N.T. Call
Crew of SSP
Lt Charles A MacGillivary, Pvt Archibald Mathies
Pvt Jack W. Mathis, Pvt Martin O May mom

Passengers High
Himme the Honorable Dame Harriet Indigo Margret Melissa Elise. A black Persian Hemingway weighting 10 kilos with six toes on each paw.
Brenda Franklin age 22 female college student Himme care taker
Roy Edward Hill age 30 business man who is heavy set. Wants investors for fish bone ships. Lawrence Knight III noble soc 16 25 years vacationing. Gar Growl a Vargr, James & Ethel Gowan (50 year wedding anniversary), John Kissane.
Middle Passengers
Conley Ness , Ricky Nelson , Jameal Tolliever, Jason & Monica Tinner, Hester Uacomb , Wilton Wright , Sturgris hall, Grace Grant, Annie Forsythe, Gloria Ford, Charles Bywaters. Karl Bell, June Bellefleur, Paul Abrahamsen, Fred Smith.
Low Berth Passengers four.

The Players
Squish a Virushi a Scout recently mustered out who is very far from his home world.
Sharnatha Delian an Aslan Traveller.
Lt Col Frank McQuade Human from Dukh Retired Marine recently commander of Death Dogs battalion of Reach command.
Jesse McQuade brother of Frank. Recently muster out from the Marines.
Jack Gene a belter
Rami Recently muster out of Army.
Note players pop in and out of the game due to jobs. so if theyare not mention either they did not show or their pc did very little. Or I just trying to write a little tighter.
Chapter 1 All a boring.
Head Steward T. H. Warren punch the passenger speakers in and prompted the news and listen with half an ear while waiting for the under way signal.
Ping. T.N.S. Pokka Day 5-993 (L-2627 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain)
T.N.S. Newsflash as of Day 007 993 a Red Alert exists for all ‘the Reach’ planet systems and the Oytrip of Tubroyllufotyusk. All Travelers are reminded to pass on this information to next T.A.S. center. The military command of ‘The Reach’ is still taking claims for the destruction of three launch boats and the destruction of the Free Trader Roche Coach and any other damage.
“K'kree lovers didn’t mention it was our boat or we lost three crew and passengers. How dare those marines just take over part of the ship?” His eyes glared at the ‘new’ gunner discussing weapons with gunner Sprayberry.

On Day 1 of 993 during his to visit to the city of Pokka an assassination attempt was made on the Prince Andrew Sullivan Smith, who fourth in line for ‘The Reach’ royal line. This attempt was foiled by His Majesty Emperor Smith’s elite Death Dogs Marine Division.
Among the dead include Baron Emory Bordermarch, Ms Bordermarch, and the prince’s teacher Dr Tray Whisperspon. Six other civilians were killed along with two patrol officers. The wounded now number at seventeen. While this attack was going on a suicide run was made on the light cruiser R.S.S. Sword by O.T.S. free trader Sacred Life. Light damage was the result but in the resulting chaos at least three (seven according to our sources) launch boats and the Roche Coach fail to heave to and were destroyed
Prince Andrew from orbit in R.S.S. Sword thanked the good people of Pokka and administered the oath of fealty duty office to Baroness Alice Truemane.

Day 360-992 Turku (K-2329 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain)
His Majesty Emperor Smith announced that unless the council accepts his budget for 993 that the construction of new fleet hull would be halted.
The band Moon Monkeys started the kick of their twenty fifth reunion tour with the ‘Last Liner to Chenachane’, ‘All out for Albox’, and “ Mad dogs and Imperials’. Band lead singer Davey Moon beam Zippo announced the tour would hold at least three concerts on each of planets and then precede Rimward to Chenachane and other points.

Day 200-992 Turku (K-2329 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain)
Today is the fourteen anniversary of the joint proclamation Imperium and ‘The Reach’ declaring Coin (L-2525 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain Day 200-978) a preserve for the alien race discover inhabiting the planet. The star base will stay only a D. A small number of academics will be hired to study the aliens. People for the Ethical Treatment of Aliens gave a ten thousand credit reward to fund the research. Five members of People of the Extermination of Aliens (formally Humans Against Toleration of eTs) were arrest while protesting.

Day 33 992 Gateway Domain
This is eleventh anniversary of the lost of Ebon Rapturous in Gateway space. Ebon Rapturous depart on a standard mail run. (Day 33-981)

Day 320 991 Solomani Rim
Officials are still looking for the infamous gun runner Lord Rami Ibe Izoid. Lord Rami was broken out a medium security by his kids the Terrible Twins Michael and Michelle Izoid. Forty more charges of murder have added to the Izoid family rap sheet. A 3 MCr reward has been added to reward prize for capture and prosecution of Izoid family. This brings the total reward prize is now 20 MCr.

Day 15 990
Scouts Wes Weber and Alice Harrington announce a discovery of artifact planet 60 parsecs Rimward of the Solomani Rim. Details follow.

Warren saw the all clear and underway notice and snapped off the news. He straightened himself and flicked a piece of lint off his sleeve. Sighing he summons his professional voice and keys his mike. “Welcome to the final legs of our maiden voyage of QBert 3. Our next stop is Ranua and our final hop will be to Lahti which will be our turn around point. Your captain is Eddie Smith. Lt Piero Calamai is your executive officer and our pilot is Billy Turner. I am your head steward T. H. Warren and Benji Harrison is the steward for our middle passengers. The head engineer is Tommy Pickles Andrews. Our doctor is J. H. Wells. The rest of crew is Fred G Halberstadt, Christopher Jones, Marvin R. Young, Jamie M. Sprayberry, Donna C. Faith II and Cass J Mason.
This will be our thirty third jump coming up. For those new to voyage the QBert three is the newest ship and new QBert series of ships for Tukera Lines, our home port is Annapbar. The planets and locations we have visited are Landing, Gashuki, Udririmma, Ugkimlu, Gasal, Far Portal, Tharver, Galesta, Xandolar, Carver’s Range, Gateway, Anderson, Bremen, Neopis, Star belt, Ashton, Viyard, Kever, Plinth, Whister, Elsmere, Uaboe, Abricot , Largo, Jipujapa, Ghema, Soluk, Gdynia, Quabalan, Biskra, Timgad, Tlemcen, Turku (the capitol of ‘the Reach’)
We have visited the following territories in the Imperium Gateway domain, the Khuur League, Gailian federation, Plavian league, Trindel Confederacy, Viyard Concourse, Mische Conglomerate, Old Worlds, and the Reach.

When finish our maiden outward voyage at Lahti, our voyage will have covered three sectors of the Gateway domain, thirty four jumps averaging three plus parsecs, our total outward time would have been fourteen months and nine territories. So far we have had one birth a cute baby girl call Elizabeth QBert Dover the second. Our low berths have experienced no malfunctions so the stewards will gladly take your beds for the next part of our voyage.

The Q Bert series mount two additional weapon points (for your protection) with just the addition of one 50 dTon deck. The Tukera Lines have purchase five of the Q Bert models to upgrade our Pride of Tripoli’s ships. Passengers are reminded they are restricted to the passenger areas. However tours of the engine room and bridge can be authorized by the captain. If you have cargo on board you can arrange to check it with captain’s approval. Please be sure to review all safe systems and rules which are posted in your staterooms. Remember the courtesy collection hour starts as soon as we break orbit, so for your Travelers who have forgotten to check in their holdout weapons this is a gentle reminder.

First class passengers are reminded that first night meal is formal. Middle class passengers are reminded that second night meal is formal.
We like point out our first class passenger Fred Smith is still walking the stars. Just two more jumps Mr. Smith and you can start walking backwards.

Hope you enjoy your passage on QBert 3 and remember Travelers Travel on Tukera.”

Pvt Martin O May tried to adjust the collar on the uniform and she thought dress blues were bad. “Walking the stars? “, she asked.

The civilian gunnery she was teamed with was rail thin ex marine called Sprayberry who replied, “It when a person gets on treadmill and walks at least six hours a day. If the poor civee walks all the way to his final port of call, the company gives him a nice plaque with his name and number of parsecs and the Captain signs with the official ship seal. Then he is piped off board.”

Pvt Martin, “that is very strange…”
Gunnery Sprayberry, “Not really how many times did your top have doing push ups while in hyper?”

Warren drew himself up and look up to gunners. “I know you two are busy but can I have a weapons check. Trank and bag loads on shot guns. Private May please don’t aim you weapon at the paying passengers you two are just hear for the show. Sprayberry you are front man.

May was bored. The first passenger had been a Virushi named Squish. The second was ex-marine who had a familiar looking face and the name of the former battalion co. The third passenger was an Aslan named Sharnatha. May yawned when the steward knocked on the fourth door. What was that? McQuade? She started to snap to attention when her eyes met Lt. Col. Frank McQuade’s. “What is he doing here? Does he know of the package in the cargo hold? Did the old man Cass know? Or would the Captain sneak in back up? Eyes front marine. Pay no attention to man. Eyes front. Ignore the sweat rolling down your spine. Droyne dodos I will be glad when this shift is over with.” Pvt May did not remember the rest of suite visits.

May was glad her shift was over. She hoped the colonel got the message when she played stupid about the package. She wanted to chew the deck plates when she had to wait five minutes for the lift to be clear before she could enter and key it to the cargo deck. This security ops was flushing quickly.
Chapter 2 Now Serving Aslan, Humaniti, Virushi, and a Cat?

Steward Benji Harrison served the round of drinks to middle passengers on deck four and announced last call for the afternoon. He reminded passengers McQuade and Squish that their dinner time was 1930 and it was formal. He collected the empties and shut down the auto server then proceeded to deck five to do the same. Once he was done, he grabbed the lift to crew country for a small drink and quick half hour nap.

Steward Warren chimed the Captain. When he didn’t answer he keyed the override and proceeded. “Eddie I know you shaving and can’t hit the com. We are having twelve to sit down tonight. I have to rearrange the seating chart again. It is non-standard due to Squish the Virushi. I am seating him at the foot of the table just out of his stateroom. I ran the numbers unless the new passengers drink a lot of profit booze we are only going to break even on this leg due losing the one stateroom to the Virushi. Also Doctor Wells dropped off new allergy patches in your drawer today. I sitting the Vargar and Aslan toward the end of table but the cat is still at your right hand and unfortunately, so is Sir Knight. The doc said for a small fee he could slip a laxative into his food. Due you want me to send anything down to the special guests in ...”

Captain Eddie Smith turn a bright red, grabbing his soap he threw at the com hitting the on button. “Hiver hives Warren! I told you no chatting about that. It bad enough I had to accept them. And that they replaced the crew members that they murdered! But you don’t know who else is listening!”
Warren calmly replied, “Look boss either they tapping the com or not so they already know we don’t want them. Tommy has hook up the override so I can lock out the bridge monitor. The whole crew knows they are here. And only the new passengers haven’t noticed the new crewmembers but most of the old passengers are buying the recent hired bull. We were lucky those paranoid trigger happy chair borne citizens did not blow away paying customers. Just our ship’s boat and a chuck of our crew, the murdering K’kree lovers. It is bad enough we lost the doctor in K’kree territory. We were lucky that Wells want to get off planet. I still amazed he is working for half pay and a kilo of horse jerky per jump. I still tiring to figure out how to place that in the books. Besides none of passengers have to tools to tap the com. “
Smith griped, “Ok. Just please tell me we getting rid of the cat, the brat, and love doves before turn over!”

Warren smiled, “Sorry chief.” One, two, three, four, five and six he thought to himself. “We will still have the cat. Her passage is paid for the full round trip. Besides she has be the best behaved of our customers except for the icicles. “

Smith grinned and quipped, “How are the scratches on your behind doing?” Then splash his face with aftershave.

Warren groaned, “Look Chief. Ms. Franklin started it and you know we like to keep our customers happy. But I still trying to figure out how it got into the …”

Smith smiled, “I don’t really care how the cat got into the spare stateroom. Next time use your room this is not a Hormone Haul.”

Warren continued, “Anyway Tommy wanted to remind you he needs a two if not three week layover at turn around to do yearly maintenance. I am working on the turn around party. We could rent out a ballroom at the port and I found a way to charge off totally on advertising. We just have to pick up some flyers at next call. That is all. Wait Colonel McQuade is bringing his cutlass to dinner so I will be well heeled and have your answer under the right hand arm of your chair.” He snapped off and rubbed his buttocks. Noticing the message from the doctor he sighed and walked over.

As he approached the doctor he was nearly ran over by the pilot Billy Turner who was complaining about doctors being pita. He smiled at the doctor until the doctor told him to drop his pants.

“The Captain just called he said he want me to recheck your accidental wounds. I also got a booster shot for you “, Doctor Wells grinned.

“Please that was six jumps ago, “groaned Warren, “besides the cap wouldn’t know. And what is the booster for?”

“Just a normal yearly booster shot. Keep complaining and you get in the rear like our cat eating a mouse grinning pilot. Have you discovered why he been smiling since Tlemcen?” asked Wells.

“No J. H. “, replied Warren as he pulled up his pants and rolled up his sleeve for the shot. He wondered if he would ever get the doc to tell his whole name. He glanced at his watched and noticed he had to move if he was going to get dress and get the meals prepped before show time.

At 1930 most of the first class passengers were gathered around the table standing by chair with their name card on it. Only Jesse had to be reminded not sit by his brother. Warren took his post and wait for the lift doors to open. As they did he started, “The captain Eddie Smith captain of the QBert cubed.” He waited for each announced person to sit himself before he continued on. “Himme the honorable dame Harriet Indigo Margret Melissa Elise.”

The new passengers goggled as beautiful women in her twenties came out cabin five holding a huge black Persian cat. The head was a third larger than normal. The paws appeared to be thicker and it was bearing a yellow collar with a small black cylinder about one fourth of inch in diameter and two inches long. Two silver bells hung off the collar. “And her companion Brenda Franklin”. The captain pulled out the high chair for the cat while Frank did the same for Brenda.

“Sir Lawrence Knight the third”. A college age uptight kid with his nose stuck up in the air sat himself. Warren continued until all people were introduced then he started serving.

Dinner passed mostly quietly. James and Ethel Gowan who were on their fiftieth wedding anniversary had new ears to assault. Himme made her normal rounds of table where she made good friends with Sharnatha. However the conversion stopped when Himme was chased away by Jesse who made a loud comment on knowing a hundred and one ways to skin a cat. This earned him various degrees of dirty looks from Himme, Brenda, Sharnatha, the captain and his brother Frank. Warren was grateful that he was able to shut down the bar before midnight.

The second and third days in jump space were boring for Warren including arranging the tour of engine room and setting up the range room in cargo seven for Jesse. Also handling the blow hard’s complaint about the cat coughing up a hair ball on his bedding. The fool should have locked his door. That cat could get anywhere.

He awoke to the sounds of call buzzers and a near blinding headache at 0255 on Day 11-993. What in the neither regions of dead space could all these Travellers what this early? He grabbed his off duty jacket and hit the lift just at the same time as Benji. They glared at each other and snarled.

“K’kree kisser”, mumbled Warren under his breath as the lift let him out at high passage territory. Benji flipped him off as the doors closed. Warren noticed the light on in the galley. Who in the world could be there this time of the morning? I am going to put my foot so far up…”

The blade slashed his throat.
Chapter 3 Hello Time to Die!
Sir Lawrence Knight the Third awoke with a blinding hang over. He reached over and buzzed the steward for a powder. When the steward did not appear he buzzed again and again.

Forget about that peon. The lackey had switched his drink order with some rot gut. I never have hangovers. Stupid steward allowing a cat to be seating in the prime seat before him. A good swift kick in the neither regions would look good on both of them. Lawrence giggled and wiped the foam from his mouth. Thirsty. The gallery should not be closed. I will just open it for business myself. Stupid steward how dare, he thinks a cat is nobler than me. Hmm. This knife should let me open the auto bar. Where is that steward? He would look good with a couple of holes in him. Why is this thing not opening? Damn. Scratched myself. Speaking of scratching time for little kitty to die!
“Here Kitty kitty kitty,“ called Lawrence. “Time for some tuna sword fish.” He pressed the room door buzzer repeatedly. He pounded repeatedly on the door.

Brenda heard the buzzer and stumbled toward the door. “I wonder who it is this time of night “spoke groggily she reached for the knob.

“Nooo” mew Himme.

Brenda shook the cobwebs out of head. She looked through the peep hole to see Sir Lawrence slashing at the door and kicking it. Suddenly she was totally awake. She slapped the buzzer and intercom for the steward but got no answer. She yanked the mattress off the bed cursing as she broke four nails during the process. The mattress would be a pitiful barrier. She spied Himme diving into her carrying case. Brenda deactivated the secure button which automatically clamped the module to decking. She shook Himme out of the case ignoring the hissing as she held the mattress up to door sideways and hit the secure button. The module hummed then hiccup and hummed louder and finally activated through the heavy layers of the mattress.

“You think that will work Himme?” asked Brenda.

“Nooo” mew Himme.

Brenda, “What was I thinking? A sideways mattress to keep a madman out? ” She paused. Then open her drawer. Himme hopped on the dresser and spied into the drawer. Brenda grabbed her squealer, her ear muffs, and the tranq sprayer. “The captain will properly have me arrested at the next stop but I not going down with out a fight. “ She tossed her night gown off and started donning her tight cloth and reflect outfit. “Himme it was nice that your old crazy lady made sure your care taker had a clothing allowance to include protection. Of course I would wonder why she only specified only black elbow length cloth reflect armour gloves, they been out of fashion for decades. These things cost as much as the cloth armour does. Why doesn’t the steward answer?”

“Out” mew Himme.

“No! “, yelled Brenda.

Stupid Brenda! Why doesn’t that sweet thing come out to play? Bet she is good… What is the lift doing coming down? Hey I left the gallery light on. I bet I can surprise Mr. Warren.

Lawrence scuttled off down toward the gallery. With the lights at midnight level you could only see where to place your feet and small pools of lights in front the cabin doors. A rightly thing it is.

Slowly Lawrence snuck up on Warren. The first time dear old Warren knew Lawrence was about was went the blade cut his throat. “Now serving stewed brewed tattooed steward. Madam Himme would you like a fine cut of this meat? “, giggled Lawrence as he stabbed and carved the body of head steward up. Lawrence got mad when he stuck the knife into the steward ribs and couldn‘t free the blade. He fumed a bit and then remembered the heavy silver serving tray. It wasn’t as nice as the gold plated one at home but the dear colonel McQuade head would look nice on the silver platter. Plus his gold hilted cutlass would look good on his hip. The jar head probably bought it at the naval base PX. Nice heft this ought to out bash the uppity officer’s head right in. He enjoyed the sounds of giggling. Press the buzzer. Press the buzzer. Wakey Wakey Mr. Colonel Time to Die! Come on sleepy head to the door. It would be a tray a d for you to die so young. Or me to die of boredom.

Frank rolled out of bunk instantly alert. Ignoring his slight hangover he grabbed his cutlass from the rack. He shuffled over the door and spied Sir Lawrence through the peek hole. He opened the door and asked,” What do you want at this time of the night kid?” His answer was the three kilogram tray cracking his skull!

Frank threw up his left arm while simultaneously drawing his cutlass and dropping the scabbard. Lawrence’s second shot bruised his arm and taking enough force off the blow that only the handle ripped open the skin above his left eye. The kid laugh off the rib shot he struck Lawrence with the flat of blade. He moved out of the cabin to get more room while Lawrence swung another blow at his head which nearly duck. His shot nearly folded the tray in half and the tray bounced off of Lawrence’s face after breaking his nose. He giggled and flicks of foam dribbled down his chin. Both heard doors opening and then an alarm. Frank knew it well from his career. Hijacking in progress lock down. He slipped on some blood while body checking the kid. He noticed his brother, Jesse charging to his rescue. The alarm when into high gear as finally he clipped the yahoo behind the year with the hilt. Lawrence went limp.

Corpsman Alice Rascon woke to the sounds of battle. She rolled off her bunk groping for her snub pistol. As she was rising she noticed that Pvt Archibald Mathies had been pinned to his bunk with his own cutlass. The meter of steel showed halfway out the bottom of the cot. Jack and Mom were yelling and screaming at each other while fighting for possession of a cutlass both were foaming at the mouth. She heard Pvt Donald N.T. Call giggling as he pump shot after shot of his shot gun into the comm. As he turn to bear on her she fired twice and saw him go down. Staff Sgt John Bobo was shouting mutiny while trying to bandage his leg and reach for his side arm a few meters away. Donald yells started become gurgles as Pvt Martin O May cut his throat and started giggling.

“Freeze!” bellowed Alice as Mom continued to saw with at Donald’s neck with a hand on each end of sword. Mom ignored Alice and continued sawing and giggling. Alice grabbed Mom by her hair and yelled, “Dammit Mom! I said freeze!” while shoving the pistol into Mom’s ear. Mom snarled and elbowed Alice in the midriff. The cutlass only made it halfway when Alice’s pistol barked into Mom’s ear.

“Don’t move Bobo!” shrieked Alice as she aimed center mass.

Bobo, “I am ice!” He slowly raised his hands as blood pooled around his leg.

Alice glanced around the cargo hold. Alex was moaning and trying to stop the bleeding from his nose as stared at the body of Lt Charles A MacGillivary who he just broke his neck seconds ago. “What happen?”

Bobo, “They just went mad! I was awaked by Call’s arguing with himself and Mom’s nightmare screams. Just as I started to get out of the rack he shot me. He was going to take another shot when the alert sounded then he started blazing away at it.”

Alex mumbled,” First thing I knew is I was toss out of my bunk. The L T. was trying to beat me black and blue. Then both Mom and Donald woke up screaming. Mathis didn’t have a chance. Donald skewered him before he could wake. Man I knew Mathis would die in his bed but not this way.”

Alice replied, “Alright I don’t know who started it. What started it? Or even if it is finished. I am tranqing both of you to the gills.”

Bobo, “Belay that corpsman. We are obvious sane. You send us to beddy bye time and only you are left to take what comes through the hatch.”

Alice, ”Alright everyone gets a half dose. Then I work on your leg sarge.“ Alice proceeded to put her weapon on safe then look for her bag.

Back up in high passenger country, our travelers have a quick brain session after tying Sir Lawrence up. Since Squish is so big he takes up the lift by himself and Sharnatha is a medic they stay here and look in on the passengers. The McQuade brother will take the lift key and Squish the stateroom lock override key.

Minutes later Captain Cass J Mason of Death Dogs heard the lift stop at his level. He could not raise the other side of cargo hold. The SSP took up the center and no one thought to include an emergency hatch between the holds. Another SNAFU. He motioned the gunnery sergeant Adams to cover him with the LMG. The lift doors open and he shove the barrel of his shotgun up the nose of the intruder. Just as he was about to squeeze the trigger he recognized the person.

“Hey old man. Colonel could you please lower your weapon please. I would hate to tell the first shirt I blew you brains all over the bunk head. Besides he says you still own him a kilo credit.”

Frank replied, “How do I know you not insane?”

Cass replied,” we Mad Dogs sirs of course we are not sane. But if you don’t lower your weapon it will be a pity to get your blood all over your cutlass sir. It set the battalion back a pretty penny.”

Frank lower the shotgun he got from the ship’s locker he was proud of his former troops. He grinned, “I not mad but what ever it is it is affecting the whole ship. Lt Calamai is in charge. The ship’s captain is dead. My brother is securing the crew quarters and middle passengers. I left some travelers in charge of high passenger deck. Anything I can do to help?

Cass replied, “Yes I lost communication with the other side the hold. Adams gives him the key. See if they secured over there and if the corpsman is alive tell her the autodoc took a couple of rounds. The package is secured but we need it out of the autodoc. Be careful.”

Frank saluted and grabbed the key. “Up to middle passenger and over would be the quickest way?”

Gunnery Sgt. Adams, “Correct sir. Nice to be serving again with you.”
The doors close before he could complete his comment.

Cass jacked into the communications and rang the bridge, “hello Lt. Calamai. As of now I am declaring a piracy boarding action. My men will help secure the ship. I will hold a briefing at 0800. Warn you surviving personnel if they as much wave a firearm in our direction they will be shot!”

Lt Piero Calamai, “What? How dare you try to take over the ship?”
Chapter 4 Dead Time 0800+ Day 11-993

Captain Cass Mason sat at the other end of time from poor Lt Calamai. It not often a person gains the captaincy from what could be said as a mad mutiny. “All right people lets have the reports from last night. Both recorders are running. Captain Calamai you first.” Cass felt pity for Calamai the poor civilian was use to just trying to placate bossy star port controllers or sissy nobles. Not taking over command of a ship when he had to kill the captain himself or die.

Lt Piero Calamai sighed and fumbled three times before he found his voice. In a dead flat voice he started “The following ship personnel were killed Captain Eddie Smith, Head steward T. H. Warren, steward Benji Harrison, gunner Fred G. Halberstadt, Gunner Christopher Jones, Gunner Marvin R. Young. This adds to the other personnel lost in Pokka space. This leaves the following ship personnel alive, Lt Piero…”

Cass interrupted, “Captain Piero Calamai.”

Piero continued, “ Pilot Billy Turner, head engineer Tommy Pickles Andrew, Doctor J.H. Wells. Gunner Jamie M. Sprayberry. This is means the Qbert cube is undermanned and can not legally continue on once we break jump space and enter our next port of call at Ranua. Doctor your report.” he looked away and lost himself to his thoughts.

Doctor Wells voice rumbled out, “As of 0730 I have not discover what cause the outbreak of madness. These are the facts as of this time. It appears to have affected everyone who became mad at around the same time. Virushi, Aslan, and Vargr were not affected. Affected subjects appear to go into a homicidal rage with symptoms being a foaming at the mouth and uncontrollable giggling. The following are ships passengers who either affected or were killed in the aftermath. James and Ethel Gowan, John Kissane, Conley Ness, Ricky Nelson, Jameal Tolliever, Jason and Monica Tinner, Hester Uacomb, Wilton Wright, Sturgris Hall, Grace Grant, Bill Taylor, Henry Homewood, Sue Holmes, and Madison Steward. Sir Lawrence Knight the third was affected by the madness but overcome by Mr. Frank McQuade. The victim is now in low berth and blood samples are being analyzed. That is all.”

Corpsman Alice Rascon took over, “Of the marines of Charlie company the following were KIA. Lt Paige Mitch, 2nd Lt Woody Williams, Corporal Charles Weeks, Corporal Jesse N. Funk, Lance Mary E. Walker, Pfc Ted T. Tanouye, Pfc Donna C Faith the second, Pvt Donald N.T. Call, Lt Charles A MacGillivary, Pvt Archibald Mathis, Pvt Jack W. Mathis and Pvt Martin O May. The walking wound who are ready for combat duty Staff Sgt John Bobo, and Capt Cass J. Mason. All other personnel either received no wounds or minor wounds. The package is still safe and unharmed.“

Lt Piero, ”Big fat hairy deal. So your mail is safe.”

Cass, “Captain Calamai! Chill! Don’t worry about our mission. Worry about yours. Getting the remaining passengers to port safely. My remaining men and the McQuade brothers will be helping you. We will be working six hours on and six off. Fortunately we in jump space so there not much to do. The McQuade brothers, Sharnatha, and Scout Squish will be helping as their training allows for. They do other jobs as needed. Okay everyone remember we still under martial law so if you have to break heads do so but gently. Captain Calamai see if you can give me the expense chits. I will sign for unlocking all the full service galley and wet bar capabilities. Let the passengers drink themselves into a stupor for all I care. The Imperium will pay for it. Dismiss.”

Later in the lab Sharnatha discovers some strange biological readings on the blood sample. It was strange that the doctor did not notice. When she brought it to his attention he nearly bit her head off. She did not accept his excuse of being tired and made a note of it to bring it up with Frank.

The rest of trip in jump space when fast and finally on day fourteen 993 at 0700 ship hour the intercom became active and the announcement begun.

“This Lt um Captain Calamai we have just broken into normal space in the Ranua system. “ A length pause followed. Then Piero started yelling, “ What the? This isn’t Ranua. It is…“ The rest of his statement was cut short by a shot gun blast then the intercom was cut off.
Chapter 5 Mass Messages
The silence on the high passenger deck was loud. The McQuade brothers grabbed their weapons and dove for the lift barely beating Squish to the door. As the lift open they were met by Sgt Adams who fell back to rear of the lift. Squish tired to squeeze himself into the lift but had to back out.
Frank, “here is the key Squish. We send the lift down for you. Meet us at the bridge.” He punched the button and turned the override key.

All the party tired to enter the bridge at once, they saw Piero’s body slumped on the deck. Half his face was missing. The communication station was blinking. Squish activated the speaker.

“Attention. Attention to any ship. Coin is interdicted world. You may not land here. If you are declaring an emergency please do so on emergency channel five. “ This stopped and the second message began, “Warning Warning to all ships in the area. Be advised that Star port Coin has been attacked by pirates. Tracking has the pirates still in system. Go to weapons hot. If possible flee and report attack to nearest star port.”

On the heels of that the third message started, “Attention Qbert cube. Kill engines and be prepared to be boarded. This the dread pirate Robot toe. No harm will come to you if you don’t resist.”

Squish snapped off the comm. He hit the intercom. ”All crew report please” he said in his soft voice.

“This is Tommy I got Sprayberry down here in the engine room with me. All is secure.”

Frank squeezed by Squish and hit the intercom, “Captain Mason, Doctor Wells, Pilot Turner report.”

“Captain Mason here. All is secure. The package is secure. I sending a force up the causeways to secure the passengers.”

“Doctor, Pilot report in!” bellowed Frank. He motion to the gunny whom gave him the high five and started opening the causeway hatch which lead to secondary crew deck.

“Yo! Brother the ship’s locker is open. It missing at least a shot gun.” bellowed Jesse.

Squish back out of the bridge. Humaniti never built anything for normal size people. He was glad the humans were now speaking in normal tones instead of their regular whispers. He heard the lift coming up again. “Lift coming up “ he mentioned.

Frank and Jesse took the left corridor and Squish took the right to flank around to the lift.

The door opened to reveal a cat eating mouse grinning pilot Billy Turner. He smiled and left his shotgun on his right shoulder.

“Drop it!” order the McQuade brothers.

Turner’s smile grew bigger. “I think not. You need to drop yours if you want to live. I control this ship and you can’t do anything about it. So lower your weapons and I will let you live. If not then you and more passengers die. “

Frank replied, ‘We have you out numbered. We have you in our sights. Our weapons are aimed at you while yours is threatening the ceiling of lift. So tell me why we should lower our weapons?”

Turner, “Because of my ace in the hole. The pirates just want the ship. So I rule!” He grinned. Two shotgun blast and a laser pistol removed the grin.

“Rule Hades maybe, “replied Frank as the smoke cleared. Then the scuttling charge in the bridge blew taking out the pilot controls. Frank called for the engineer and heard the gunny report that the doctor had been murdered.

A few minutes later Andrews and Sharnatha heads were under the console while Mason and Frank look on. Andrew and Sharnatha were arguing on how long the jury rigging would take. She was sure she could do it. Andrew knew she could not do it in under an hour. They both made their cases to Mason. Mason thought for a minute.

“Okay there no way you can get full functionality to the controls in under an hour. In one hour the pirate will be in range. Coin has nothing left space worthy. Gunny, start the flight check on the SSP. Andrews, grab what ever equipment you need and the people you need. Start adding seats to your ships boat. Nothing fancy, just something to hold the passengers in the seats until they make land fall. Jesse, start the flight check on the ship’s boat. Gunner Sprayberry, warm up the weapons and I need a class on your weapon mounts as soon as you get your weapons hot. Andrews, before you get to welding open the ship’s safe and have the necessary papers if the passengers what to draw out their accounts. “ He keyed the intercom. “Death Dogs Charlie Company. Fetch a Pail of Water. All passengers have forty minutes to prepare for emergency disembarking. You will be limited to what you can carry on your person. Corpsman Alice Rascon will provide motion sickness and tranquilizer on request five minutes before boarding of ship’s boat. All people wanting to withdraw their funds from the ships safe report to their guide in one half hour. Middle passengers your guide will be Jesse McQuade. High passengers your guide is Squish. That is all for now.” He paused to collect his thoughts.

“That okay with you two Squish and Jesse?” They agreed and walked toward the lift. The Captain motioned Frank to follow him. He noticed Frank was packing two extra hand computers at his hips. As he waited for the lift he asked, “Where did you get those comps?”

Frank replied, “One is the doctor’s only thing that stands out is a line of Hiver saying A good friend has a good day when he shakes hands seven times. Plus our good doctor worked for GenAssist. The other is Turner’s.” They were both quiet on the way down. As they step off the lift Alice and Alex were man handling a teenager into a vac suit. They then proceed to frog march him into the lift.

“You want to see the SSP?” asked Mason,” It was authorized the week after you mustered out. “

“Sure” Frank replied. Frank look around. What started out as a normal hold had been butchered. A gun mount was wedge into wall next to a center divider. On closer examination it looked like someone took a ship’s boat deck and wedged in a gun mount but the distance was off.

Mason keyed the iris value on the center door to reveal a ship’s boat. “It’s not a ship’s boat. We tore all the cargo and passenger space out. Add three gun mounts and filled the rest with fuel. It widens the boat by two meters on the side on one meter on top. Takes a crew of five to fully operate.”

“But you only five left.” mentioned Frank.

“We will make do Frank. Feel free to look it over while I talk will Bobo and get some stuff ready.” Cass slipped into the pilot house and left Frank alone for five minutes. When he came back motion Frank to the lift as the lift started so did he, “Raise your right hand Colonel and hold out your left.” Frank did so and felt a hand comp being placed in his hand. “You in the Marines sir. Here is my comp with the latest report. Sorry I can’t stand on ceremony. I am assigning Corpsman Rascon to you. You will have to make planet fall on the night side of planet at the old star port landing on the equator. The star port lost its ship boat, some air rafts and lots of personnel on the pirates attack. They still working on damage control and causalities. My marines will be grounding their weapons and ammo into your ship’s boat. They will also issue each passenger a snub pistol. I hope they don’t blow your head off sir. Get the package home sir.” He saluted and dashed out the lift as it open.

The hour passed too quickly.

Jesse double checked his console as Frank strapped himself in. Two minutes later four gees hit him as Jesse hit the throttle to take them away from the Qbert cube. The last thing he saw before the boat swung toward the planet was the Qbert cube going one way. The SSP going the other way. Was there any chance of two ships manned with three men each could fight off a pirate and survive?
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That was the end of first session. This is first traveller campaign for me. It is the first campaign for all of us using the T20 rules base. So if characters feats/skills change this is due us making corrections to sheets. I wasn't thinking someone who bring in a Visrushi which a living bulldozer. And the kid (14) likes playing hack slash characters. Boy is in for surprise.

Of course since the deck plans I down loaded from either Ron's Deck Plans or the company site are geared for humans. Also the players rotate in and out due to jobs etc so if a character disappear in the middle of chapter the player could not play that session. That is the way of my gaming group.
I will be trying to get the players to report their PC pov. And they have already thrown my plans for a loop.
Feel free to ask questions .
Sounds cool so far...I'll be watching for more reports as you play. Reminds me a bit of the beginning of the March Upcountry books by David Weber and John Ringo. As far as the players throwing your plans for a loop...good luck and get used to it! ;)
Chapter 6 Screaming in the Dark
Jesse McQuade wrestled the controls as the boat hit the atmosphere. It been over a year since he was behind a boat’s controls and this ship had the kilometers on it. Plus he was trying to land in the dark with only a grid mark reference plus the beacon was out. He paid no attention to the various complains from the passengers the loudest being the ramf Prince Andrew Sullivan Smith. He griped at his brother to get all the instruments up especially radar. The radar and other instruments settled down as he passed the third kilometer mark. He banked right hard to line up on the landing strip. “Great an old abandon E class port that would make the field about only three kilometers long and one wide,” he thought. He flipped the landing cycle at one kilometer and got green across the board. He relaxed until he passed five hundred and the ground radar started to break up.

“Brace! Brace! Brace for hard impact. The field…” he started as the ground slapped the belly of the ship. He fought and gain some control of the ship so he didn’t fish tail and tumble. But his teeth clacked with every bounce. The records were off. The field was higher and partially over grown with trees and vines. The ship porpoise down the field shedding landing gear, trees, and components.

“We going to die!” shrieked Prince Andrew. The rest of his comment was aborted by a swift backhand to his midriff as Alice punched him while screaming “down!” And try to shove his head between his knees. On the third bounce she saw Fred Smith’s belt give away, he was toss over his seat and into the mid-bulkhead. “Don’t!” unfortunately June loosen her seat to grab Fred. On the forth bounce she was airborne. The ship bounces slowed and the long slide started. As the ship slowed to a stop Alice, hit her and Princes straps. “Fuel Leak! Fuel Leak everyone move!” she bellowed as she slapped the door release. Amazing it worked! She frog marched the Prince fifty meters before she notice no one followed her. She shoved her shotgun into Andrew’s chest causing him to grasp it. “If it not sophont shoot it. If you don’t know shoot it.” She dashed back into the ship. No flame no smoke and the passengers were confused and dazed she grabbed Brenda by her neck and flung her toward the exit. The rest started to follow. She saw the Aslan checking the condition of June, she dropped to check Fred. Crack head, broken leg folded the wrong way and the neck. Fred Smith DOA. Making eye contact with the Aslan she knew June Bellefleur had joined Mr. Smith. She tossed the body over her shoulder and left the ship. The McQuade brothers were arguing and see about the ship’s unloading.

Frank, ”You broke another one! I’m telling mom when we get home!”

Jesse, “Who told me the ground was suppose to be two and FIFTY meters lower. And Mr. Lt. Colonel who forgot to mention the strip was over grown? I thought a lieutenant colonel knew these things? “He put a little English on box of Icers he tossed to his brother.

Frank grunted as the box smack him in belly, ”Ok you got me there. But I still telling mom!”

The group settled in about fifty meters from the ship. Some of the passengers want to light a fire and were voted down by Frank and other travellers. The group then wanted to get to the abandon star port field house and were again shouted down by Frank. There would be no moving through unknown territory until daylight. Coin had thirty hours days. The ones who couldn’t sleep took turns digging graves or standing watch.

When the sun graced the horizon the survivors divided up the supplies and the gleaming steel antenna tower which was painted a golden red pointed the way to field house. The journey was under two kilometers with the only excitement being when Charles Bywaters was nearly bitten by a snake. A small argument broke out over whether to keep the snake’s corpse was settled when Rami coiled around one hand and resumed walking.

The field house was still sealed against the elements. It had two rooms an empty lounge which all the furnishings had been removed and the radio room. A ladder lead up from the radio room to roof which had a short railing surrounding the edges and a huge radio tower which was about three hundred meters in length. Sharnatha and Jesse spend an hour working on the generator before they got it running. They figured they only had thirty five hours of fuel. So they decided to limit the time the radio was broadcast. However Jack Gene a belter was able to recharge his batteries on his long range communicator and get a signal off the communications satellite.

The star port administrator Baker updated them on the situation. The SSP and QBert had destroyed the pirate ship. However the SSP was lost, the QBert was on an in bound course and it was passing through orbit two (Venus orbit) and the port had only the responder replying. All of the ports space craft had been destroyed, hundreds of causalities, and it would be at least seven days before they could spare a pressurized air raft to come pick them up. The administrator set up a schedule for the ship wreck passengers to make radio contact. Col McQuade set up four hour watches for around the clock the passengers were excused but Alice volunteered to get a break from the prince. Two people would stay on the roof as look outs.

Around noon local of the first day the guard caught movement from the jungle tree line. A band of four or more Coin Crickets came from out the jungle. Coiners resemble a semi-upright eight legged praying cricket. They had compound bows and daggers. Two of crickets disappeared inside the wreck they came out bearing one of seats. Some investigated the graves and the outside the wreck. They left hauling the chair. Hours passed slowly, the temperature outside was about 43 C and about 37 inside. The humidity clung to the stranded passengers like a drunk to a best friend. In the middle of day a group of ten Coiners one driving a Kolomoto dragon the size of an ox with a wagon attached pulled up between the ship and the graves. Two of the group started walking a search pattern across the width of field. Seven started digging up graves and one appeared to be supervising.

Rami who was on watch at the time was outraged! He first zeroed in one the searchers then settled on the supervisor. The shot was about fifteen hundred meters so it was still in range of his sniper rifle. He steady a good sight pictured and melted into the zone.

He fired!
Originally posted by BrennanHawkwood:
Sounds cool so far...I'll be watching for more reports as you play. Reminds me a bit of the beginning of the March Upcountry books by David Weber and John Ringo. As far as the players throwing your plans for a loop...good luck and get used to it! ;)
Yes march upcountry and the thranxx from foster were two of people I was ripping out.
Currently the campaign is on hold due work changes force the game day to Sunday and I will not game on Sunday. Also group rotates gms which sucks game play sometimes.
Chapter 7 Dinner is Served
The Coin Cricket tumbled loosely into the partially dug grave. Then the boom of the shot rolled over the natives.

Rami grinned, “Got him!"

Jack grinned even wider, “Don’t got him!" He spoke as all the Coiners bailed out of partially dug up grave. One was rubbing his skull as all the natives felt into the woods. Rami started to take another shot but his point was proven the graves were being left alone. The rest of daylight pass into darkness slowly as Rami made a mental game of counting the sweat drops which fell of the belter's nose.

The next morning the report from port was not encouraging the Qbert still had not made contact but the responder was still working. As the monthly pick up run was around the seventh of each month rescue of the Qbert would be long in coming. As requested by the administrator who Rami pointed out to the others Baker did say “Don’t tell me you shot a Coiner.” so they didn’t. But did find out if they had killed a Coiner they would have been charged with murder and the Emperor would not be pleased.

The only excitement in the morning was when Jesse was going to see on the generator a huge green jungle worm called the Silk worm by the natives which is over ten meters in length swallow the generator and tried to have Jesse for desert. After a few blast from various shotguns, rifles and laser pistols the Silk Worm collapsed.

"You killed bro, you clean it." yelled down Frank.

"No I didn't. Squish killed it," remarked Jesse as he wipe goop off himself and let himself be bandaged by the Aslan.

Squish with the aid of the belter and Rami hauled the worm to the middle of tarmac. Then clean up is a nearby spring while others took guard duty.

Just after midday a band of twenty Coiners came out of jungle on the far side of tarmac. They were scatter with their compound bows holding an arrow notch but not drawn. When they spied the carcass of the worm, all thoughts of the adventurers were forgotten. They circled the body and examined the bullet holes. A quick powwow took place and all but three retreated into the woods. One proceed to strip himself of his weapons and slowly walked toward the shack with all arms extend out. The watch called for the colonel. He, Squish, and two others went outside to talk with the native.

The following conversation was long frustrating and difficult. None of landing party spoke Cricket and none of translators had it in their database. The Coiner spoke very little Galactic. No the party were not miners. No Squish was not a pet, an animal, for sale, and mean. Yes the castaways did kill the worm. No they did not want the carcass but would accept three hundred liters of green inkume (a perfume base) for it in trade. Yes they would be here tomorrow. The natives retreated and later in the day a cleaning crew with one lizard and huge cart hauled the carcass away.

Just before dawn of the next day the sleepers were serenaded awake by band of one hundred crickets playing what could be kindly described as Kiss’s arrangement of Hank Williams Senior “Your Cheating Heart” done in three part harmony with feeling. Rami was not sure this wasn’t a sneak assault and kept checking his ears to see if they were bleeding. The band got halfway when with a final flourish the music stop. Frank had been moved to tears. Tears of pain. The band broke apart and when what could be generously called parade rest and out walked their spokesman.

The Coin Cricket was a deep shade of jungle green. On his head with holes for his antenna was a pink belter’s cap. He wore six pistols on three separated bandoliers. One bandolier was encrusted with cheap rhinestones. The second was encrusted with emeralds of various sizes. The final bandolier was encrusted with diamonds of various sizes. His waist belt was full of most empty cartilage castings from various millimeter weapons but a few rounds of nine millimeter were present. He was wearing a purple ascot made out of three towels sewn together and on closer examination had various Imperium military patches. Of his six pistols, three were carved from wood, one was a laser pistol with the power cord cut off which flap wiggled and bounce in the breeze and two real and well maintained nine millimeter pistols.

Introductions were made and the adventurers discover they were in the present of Able only one of three Crickets removed from Coin before the plague of 973. He spoke good if broken Galactic. It seemed the Hive Mother, which according to the database was only a rumor, want to have the adventurers to dinner. That was to dinner not as dinner. Other business would be discussed at dinner.

The discussion which followed was loud, well discussed and sloppy. The group would split into two. With most the Travellers going to the dinner and the rest of passengers staying behind. Prince Andrew Sullivan Smith argued as a noble he was the rankest sophant he should lead the party. Squish took exception to the uppity sixteen year old and try to gently knock some sense into the boy. The boy collapse into a limp bundle and Corpsman Alice Rascon was shoving a shot gun up his nose while speaking, ”If he is dying so are you.” Fortunately the kid was just knocked out. He would recover and the Aslan took time to doze him with a tranquilizer to keep him out of everyone hair. The prince had been an excellence example of nobility was. So he thought. Except for Alice and Frank who were under orders to keep him alive the rest of group would cheerfully swap him for two stale beers and a half smoke cigar. Frank left Alice in charge of shed and personnel and with orders to get twelve hours sack time, the rest followed Able into the woods.

After about a four hour march the party was taken into an underground cavern. Then dinner was served except for the music which the Coiners insisting on playing the Cheating Heart anthem a couple of times, the dinner was pleasant. One high point was when the crickets played Beethoven thirty sixth violin concerto using only their bodies. The hive mother arrived and greeted her guest through Able. The Hive Mother dropped a bombshell into the after dinner mints by asking if the party would take a message scroll to the Emperor. The Coiners wanted a full alliance with the Imperium. The removal of Gateway Metals contract of sole ownership of the mine or the power to tax Gateway. More free range teachers which after some discussion was found out to be for an university be built on planet or Coiners be able to attend universities on other worlds. A star port of B class or better. And various other sundries to be discuss later. To sweeten the pot or bribe the Imperium the Coiners would allow the underdeveloped lands be open for farming. Improved inkume would be offered to the market. The gold in the chaff was access to Ancient technology. The group was given a meter by meter sized scroll which show a line drawing of cricket with a surveyor staff stand in front of what appeared to be a piece of Ancient technology. However no one on the planet must know of this secret mission. The party agreed to do their best but wanted to be able to return to Coin as they wish even if the mission wasn’t a success and other minor favors.

The party was return to the landing field a few hours before local midnight. Two days later around midmorning the ill-fated passengers heard the sounds of two air rafts.
Dm aside
Again descussion on range of weapons broke on during game. the two guns nuts in my group state the ranges are very under stated.
Also I did not do justice to conversion between the cricket and butch (frank in game).
However the thing now is to come up with more music themes which do not go together.
Chapter 8 It's a Deal?
The party and the passengers arrive to Coin's class D star port the midmorning of day twenty-one of 993. After a two day interrogation of everyone they were put up into the port’s hotel for free. The Travellers were discussing the pass few days and how to get off the planet.

Frank and Rami were discussing the scroll in private when they compared notes and notice they both caught on that Able’s speech patterns got better as the dinner when on. Also Frank remembered Able told him of a rumor of one of doctors won a ship in game. Their eyes lit up. Frank strolled down the main street to hospital and doctors office. Outside the office was sign with Doctors I. Wag Tale and Hugh N. Being xeno-biology, biology, and general practice, part time dentists.

The human nurse asked Frank which of doctor he wanted. He replied the human being and she ask for Hugh to step out. Out came a Vargr with a white lab coat in lower left panel of coat it appear to have an appliqué of Vargr walking a human. Frank ignored the panel and mention he heard the doctor played poker. Hugh grinned at him wolfishly, “Both of us play. Since all the patients are stable and we need a break. How about Miss Macy’s around seven local this evening.” Frank agreed shook hands and left. He paused as he walked out the door to hear the doctor speaking about fleecing new sheep. He grinned as the door quietly closed behind him.

The Travellers, the doctors, Miss Macy, and two miners were all gather in the back room. Miss Macy had a round of drinks served and explain the table rules. The maximum bet would be a thousand to begin with but this could be increased at the end of each hour by all players still in agreeing. Breaks would be every hour with new deck being opened after the break. Players who were tapped out could stay but must leave the table. No markers but titles, property, etc could be accepted by all parties at the table agreement.

The play started out slow but by the end of third hour only the doctors, Miss Macy, and Frank were still in. Frank discovered the doctors were both born on the same starship. Their parents were friends and they grew up together and went into school together and graduated with same grade point average. So they when into practice together as team. Gateway Metals had been their employer for over thirty years but had only been on station for five years. By the end of fourth hour, only the doctors and Frank were still in the game and Miss Macy was pouring thousand year old Johnnie Walker to the players and herself. The others had to pay and no one wanted to pay the kilo credit a shot. Doctor Irving Wag Tale threw his chips and savored his last shot at the end of four hour. The money and cards had been falling Frank way all night. Until this last hand, he had drawn two pair and king. The doctor was a blank slate. He had stood pat. All most all his money was in and he had been over one hundred fifty thousand to good at the start of hour. His two pair was good but the doctor hand had to be better. Time to bluff, hope, and raise.

Frank, “One! And raise twenty.”

Hugh’s tailed wagged and he controlled it. “Call. Raise twenty and dealer stands pat.” He was holding a full house.

The card glided over the table a slid to halt to in front of him. He glanced at it. And slowly moved the card to his left hand side. He was a dead man. Time to buy the pot.

Frank smirked, “Call. Raise the rest. Which you can’t match.”

Hugh let at a yip! He glanced over to his associate. Irving nodded. “Would take a slightly used starship? It is called…”

Frank replied, “No.”

Hugh finished, “the Ebon Rapturous.”

Frank suddenly found Sharnatha claws digging into his right shoulder. He heard her mumble Rapturous. His left shoulder was being grinded to pulp by Jesse.

Jesse. “Take it bro” Frank spoke and squeezed. Frank glanced over at Miss Macy.

Miss Macy, “the paper is good. It will not be the first time the ship changed hands at this table.”

Frank, “Deal” and sucked in oxygen as the claws were removed from his shoulders.

Hugh N. Being growled, “I drew aces and sevens. Full house.” He flipped over two red aces and three sevens.

Frank McQuade sighed, “I only drew two pair. Aces and Eights.” He flipped over two black aces and two black eights. As he saw both doctors being to beam.

“But drew an eight” with flourish he flop over the eight of diamonds. “Full house!”
Ref notes skip IF don't want the mood broken.

This brings the story almost up to last session. But since the next session will deal with various of the ship details I hold over the action to then. Also we had to move the game and folders with all the ship notes were at another gamers house. (yes now I keep full duplicates)
the players threw me for a loop after crash. i was expecting to walk out when one pointed out there would be alot of air rafts in a mining town. And they didn't want to walk out. I was expecting session two being the first march (and chewing up some of the extras) and first coiner meeting. The third the treaty scene and fourth arrival at the port.
Also Rami had problem with rifle stats so we agree to adjust the range on some weapons. I thought I would have to recreate Zulu when Rami took the shot but he missed by 2. i was hoping to chew up Jesse but we all discovered how deadly combat is in traveller. If the party had arrive one round later Jesse would had been worm food. The worm was just a purple worm. Cr 12. The party is around 7th so standard cr are out the window. Also xp in traveller is given more by hitting goals and not just chewing up the scenery.
The ship plans for the Qbert and most other ships are from

ron vutpakdi's traveller deck plans.
Qbert used pride of tripolis plans with addition of one deck plan with two gun mounts. The SSP secret sucker punch. Was to take a 20 ton ship plan and add 3 gun mounts remove most the seats. add gunner postion and fill the rest with fuel.

We are using the Traveller t20 handbook. t20 lite , and gateway domain pdf. Note coin uwp (describe world) has been change. And some of the Reach history. Reach is not allied with Imperium in the gateway source book.
The maddness was release by the doctor. However i allowed the players roll for the npc. I just wish they would roll that way when their lives were on the line. The players decide they did not want to roll the combat between the NPCs so we just flipped a coin (challenge no go coin from recruiter) to see who won the combat. Mom when mad and took out another mad victim before Alice won the combat.

edit fixed link. Link was old one .
Hey Jasper:

THANKS for posting your log. I'm enjoying reading it.

One question: the link you provided for the deckplan(s) doesn't seem to work -- it doesn't go to any deckplans, that is. Any tips?

Thanks again, and looking forward to continued installments!
Originally posted by dancha:

One question: the link you provided for the deckplan(s) doesn't seem to work -- it doesn't go to any deckplans, that is. Any tips?
The address seemed to be a little off above. Try: http://homepage.mac.com/vutpakdi/Traveller_Deck_Plans/Menu8.html

The deckplans that Jasper is using aren't officially done yet, so there isn't a preview. But, if you go to the Deck Plan Files -> 50 dTon_Deck_Slices page, you can get preliminary PDFs. The one that you want is the "lliner_text.pdf" file.

Chapter 9 It’s a Ship
Miss Macy collected the hands for the wall of fame and gave every one a shot of Johnny Walker 1000. The group met with the good doctors a half a kilometer passed the line. The line is the official boundary between star port Imperium land and the planets. They were outside of hanger needing painting. The signage of front had been often painted over. The oldest lettering was GenAssist Hang, ending with newest signage Gateway Metals Storage hanger seven. The doctor opened the lock on the entrance door and flicked on the lights. The hanger was nearly totally full of various storage containers. Some of the containers were stacked to the ceiling.

“Where is the ship?” asked Frank McQuade.

“Behind the boxes. If you climb up the red stripe containers you could see it”, replied Doctor Hugh and wagged his tail gleefully.

“Bro it is a ship!” yelled down Jesse McQuade after a hasty climb just being Sharnatha who put in, “A 400 dTon one. It could hold up to 150 in cargo maybe.”

“ But it so covered with dust and winter kudzu! It looks like we won a ship and a garden!” griped Sharnatha.

“You not breaking this one brother “called up Frank.

“I telling mom. Your ship is already broken," quipped Jesse.

The doctor handed over the papers and help arranged for a crew and equipment to unbury the ship. The crew and rental cost the group a kilo credit.

After inspection Sharnatha called a meeting to list the ship’s shape and inventory. It wasn’t ship shape. Sharnatha started read, “Listing to port. Port air flap flapping. Gyro spun down.
A crack is in front landing skid. Port maneuver engine is out of alignment. Port Lift hydraulics leaked out. Air raft is missing. All external Iris values rotten cracked. Ship locker lock busted.
Swing cabin shower cold only. Starboard cabin shower hot only. No bedding in all cabins.
Sick bay no meds. Low berth number four window painted pink. Swing cabin iris value gaskets old and cracked. Life support filters missing, cracked, old, and fouled. A large blood stain is on crew table. Starboard crew table chairs missing padding. 3 bullet holes in rear chair of crew table.
First starboard crew room wall has been spray painted Maddie loves Kirk on wall in lime green.
Cabin air is foul, full of pollen and other stuff. Sick bay is missing all bedding. Sick bay monitors cords cut. Fuel leak on starboard engine one liter a day. Laser lenses are dirty and fouled.
Rat nest in missile launch tube. Broken still is in air raft berth. Air raft hatch busted. A deck of cards missing 3 of clubs but with 2 aces of spades found in port laser gunner room. Tread/rubber marks length of hold. Communication antenna is missing. The engineer’s tool box has 1 large 2 meter adjustable wrench, 4 pd sledge hammer, 1 match, and 1 bible. Technical manual for jump 2 General Products engine hard copy missing chapters 2, 6,9,13 with Aslan Play girl center fold tuck inside. Technical manual for General Products Fusion engine only contains Chapter 1 and 16. Technical manual for Hercules Pressurized Air Raft Model 1700 Cover only. 7 packs of chewing gum USED under copilot station. 3 laser burns on starboard wing. Port crew cabin is missing window. “

Sharnatha drew another breath, “The following stuff is working or has passed a power check. Fusion Plant, Water and life support, Purification Plant, Computer flight avionics, sensors and communications, Fuel Scoops, and the computer has copies of all manuals. On the good side, the library has entertainment vids of old serials from the 500’s Andy Aslan, Harry Hiver (comedy series), and Killer K’kree including the infamous Killer marries a Hiver and Killer kisses Andy Aslan, and Laddie the Vargr. Biography of Cleon I 10 hours, Julian War opera version 20 hours, Imperial/Aslan peace treaty of 380 33 hours, 2nd frontier saga 600 hours with 100 hours on making of saga. 3 packs of Centaurius Cigars (30), Aslan Playgirl Series years 982-983. Pink shotgun with 3 shells names Gloria, Gale, and Gladys. 1 pt Aslan Catnip Cream de mint 70 proof. 1 pt Emperor Espresso 50 proof. “ She tossed her pad on the table “ I am going to bed. Tomorrow I will check out the names.”

She was talking about what was in place of port missile rack gunner room which had been converted to cargo. However it was sealed. The door had sealed, bolted, and welded shut. The names of Roy, Sixius, and Orin were painted in red over the door with a note. “Do not open turn contents over to Solomani authorities”. Rami and Sharnatha did some research and discover those were the names of nursery terrorists. This group murdered a shipload of children and family members on a vacation luxury liner on Day 113-970 by releasing a killer robot into the nursery. A three mega credit reward was listed for their heads. Other reports had families offering more credits for the terrorist in various states of living.

While they were doing this the McQuades were looking at the ship’s paper. They scratched their heads at the list.

Former owners of Ebon Rapturous Doctor Hugh N. Being Day 300 991- Day 18 993 lost to Frank at poker table. Bob Markland Day 200-990 to Day 300-991, Sue Macy Day 200-989 to Day 200 -990, Fred H. Murphy Day 100-988 to Day 200-989, Long fellows Mining company Day 100 -997 to Day 100-988, Bill Longfellow Day 13-986 to Day 100-987. 2 year blank. Old Worlds Mining 983-985, Ashenusharger-Ngonarz Mercantile Enterprises 977-982 Mantarillion Shipping 955 -977 Jeffers Killady-Stornhaven 931 to 955.

In the afternoon they met with Honest Jasper the star ports only ship repair company. Jasper was eager for the work. The contract with Gateway was ok but it was rare that any other ship landed and here was one that needed a lot of work. His secretary gave him the signal. “Good. I glad you left your weapons home. Now I don’t have to use the bullet proof partition. “ He pointed to the drop down partition. “Ok. My crew has inspected the ship and we have come up with a bill. “ He pulled out a presentation book.

“To make the ship totally space worthy. “He flipped the sheet on the display.

“1,922,109.13 credits. “ Jesse eyes bugged out. Frank gasped. Squish’s jaw dropped. Sharnatha grabbed her tailed and pulled. Jasper waited until they came to.

As he flipped the second sheet he continued, “However we are not able to provide all the need materials and crew to do so, plus we not licensed to certify ships. But the regulations do allow me to issue you a temporary worthiness rating to get you to a class C base. So you don’t have pay that now. The cost to get the ship into space it will cost 274,587.09 credits. Plus 54,000 credits for life support, plus 20,000 credit for various supplies for a total of 348,587.09 credits. “ Jasper waited. A brief discuss occurred and pooling their resources the group would be able to afford it. They started laying down the credits.

Jasper thumbed the intercom, “O’Brian! You have clean and launch job at the hanger eighteen. It will be a few days. “ He shook their hands and led them out.

Three nights later while drinking at Miss Macy’s, Jesse made a smart remark about Himme who was drinking a saucer of milk across the way. Suddenly he felt a bottle bust against his head. “Cat hater!” screamed the attacker. Both tables arose in mayhem. Squish giggled as he tail slapped one of the attackers across the bar, over the bar top and into the mirror behind. The bartender heard bones break as the tail made impact. Just as the fight was getting good, a cloud of pepper gas exploded in the middle of fight.

“Next round is buck shot boys and girls, “ she bellowed as she racked the shotgun. The bartender was busy with first aid when the marines arrived to put down the fight and arrest the brawlers. Jesse and Billy Matson, the one who flew into the mirror, were taken to the hospital. The rest were toss into jail. The judge arrived at jail an hour later and fined all but Squish a hundred credits for brawling. Squish would stay in jail until his trial. Additional charges would be filed depending on the results of surgery. The man was in critical condition and his survival was iffy.

The next day the trial was held. The victim would be tried for deadly assault, brawling, and destruction of private property. Miss Macy dropped the private property charge when Squished agree to pay for the damage. The brawling charge was a hundred credit fine. However the deadly assault charged carrying a prison sentence and or fine. Rami tried with all his might to get the charge dropped. The judge was not listening to who started it, or any other argument. Lucky Rami was able to get Squish off without prison sentence. Squish was fined fifty thousand which he was unable to pay. Jack stepped in with the money but made Squish sign an I.O.U. for forty three thousand five hundred credits. Squish record would hold a felony conviction. Rami pointed out even with it happening on Imperium soil it would take months and years to trickle through all star ports.

On the morning of day twenty two, the group returned. The ship sparkled. Sharnatha discovered the work crew had refilled the tool box to include a full box of matches, a pack of chewing gum and roll of silver duct tape. In the afternoon they received word the QBert cubed was entering parking orbit. Tommy Andrews and Captain Cass Mason were the only survivors. The pirate ship had been destroyed. The Travellers decided to help. So they started cracking fuel.

Tommy had checked the regulations. If he abandoned the ship it could be claim for salvage and the rescue crew would ten percent. If he stayed on board the ship would still be legally under way but in general distress. The passengers could not be taken aboard. With talks with group, ground control, and star port administrator no qualified flight crew could be found. So Andrews decided to reach into the ship’s funds. He would pay the Travellers six hundred credits per dTon of fuel they delivered to orbit. He would allow the remaining eleven passengers back on board to obtain their belongings except for those in the cargo holds. He would pay the Travellers for two middle passages or two low berth passages for the eleven. He would also pay a kilo credit for them to deliver a message to the Tukera company representative in Ranua which would ask for a relief crew.

The remaining passengers, the two surviving marines, the prince and the new crew boarded the ship. On the day 30-993 the Ebon Rapturous rose. It flew out of atmosphere of Coin and sailed into a misjump!
Ref aside
This time michael who is playing the bulldozer discover combat is bad thing. He only 14 but likes to hack slash. This is start where most of group started to pick on Michael due his bad luck on dice.
The two guys who play brothers know each other from high school and they stated I gotten on the nose how thier characters interact.
The honest jasper scence I did have a flip chart on the prices. Wish I had a camera to get their faces as the saw the total cost.

Made the girl playing the aslan read off the list. She wasn't happy with some of lines.
The nursery terrorists made a good dramatic pt since Butch (playing frank) repeats this war story from one the games he was never in. This is also the start of Frank's great luck on gambling rolls. The character was created to be great at gambling.
Sorry I did post last week the write was left at work.
Thanks Ron for the plans and link correction.
Keep up the good work! I'm definetely going to refer to this when I get my game off the ground since the plan is to have the PCs buy an old, long grounded starship and get it back up and running. The ideas you came up with for the Ebon Rapturus are just the sort of things I was thinking of making them put up with. :D
Chapter 10 Jump Money
The ship shuttered. The jump field stabilized. Everyone knew something went wrong. Squish had dropped a decimal point badly. The good thing was they were alive. The worry was would the ship break up on returning to normal space, miss the planet, or were they on jump space voyage to nowhere.

Sharnatha woke in the middle of the night. The cabin she had chosen was freezing. She adjusted the temperature and rolled over. Thirty minutes later she woke again the cabin was still freezing. She reset the temperature to normal. A quarter of hour she awoke. The temperature was dropping pass zero C. She left her cabin and climb down to engineering. She flung open the tool box and grabbed various tools and a replacement sensor. A half hour later she returned the tools. She grabbed an extra blanket from stores and adjusted the new thermometer to a nice temperature. Fifteen minutes later she awoke again freezing. She grabbed her bedding and left the cabin. Turning the sick bay temperature to five degrees above normal she deactivated the bed monitors and curled up asleep on one of medical beds.

The trip to Berg was uneventful except for pounding, hissing, and mounting frustration of the Aslan as no matter what she did the temperature in her state room stayed around -12C. Frank suggested they plug the drain in shower and let the water run then she could at least go ice skating to pass the time. Sharnatha did not claw his eyes out only because he was at the far end of crew table. The crew wisely did not tell her the passengers had opened book on which was going to win and the odds were now favoring the stateroom. Prince Andrew only threw three tantrums in public and demanded that Brenda be searched in his presence because she had to be cheating at cards because he always won when he played with the marines. Alice had to body check Brenda when she lunged across the table at the prince. This resulted in Captain Mason ordering Andrew to his cabin and frog marching the prince when he didn’t move. The dressing down Mason gave the Andrew was suppose to private. Unfortunately a faulty circuit caused the speech to be broadcast all over the ship. Curiously the speaker in the prince’s cabin wasn’t working at that time. Mason came out of the cabin and posted a guard on the door. The prince had decided to stay in his room the rest of voyage.

On day 37-993 Squish, Frank, Sharnatha and Rami were on the flight deck as the counter approached zero. The stars snapped into place.

“We are not dead!” spoke Frank.

“We are not where we suppose to be either”, remarked Sharnatha, “We a day away from Berg!”

Jesse smiled, “Hey Squish could have missed the other way and we would hit the planet.”

It was agreed from then on she would astronavigate, and Squish would pilot. But he would stay on the ship until they reach Ranua. The trip to Berg was good for the Aslan. She had finally got the heating fix in her cabin during the day. Berg wasn’t worth the stop except for fuel. They traded the vids for only eighty credits. The Prince let his displeasure be known when he was told he would not be allowed to disembark the ship. Berg was just a fueling stop and only two exports were industrial diamonds and sulfur compounds. He could view the twin volcanoes in the distance from the safely of flight deck. Brenda packed up Himme and rented some filters and was able to talk one of ground crew into taking the passengers sans Prince Smith of an over flight of the volcanoes. Himme seemed interested until she hit the open switch of her carrier and the smell hit her. She spent the rest of flight bouncing her mouse against the window of her carrier. The ship lifted a day later.

Squish was looking over Sharnatha’s shoulder as she plotted the jumped. “But I did all that too“, he rumbled. They enter jump space. When she finally decided to call it a night, a blast of ice cold air hit frosted her muzzle. She grabbed her pillow and marched straight to the sick bay. The trip to Mikkeli was uneventful. Sharnatha had given up on the stateroom controls.

They landed on Mikkeli on the afternoon of fiftieth day of nine hundred ninety three. Frank discussed the money situation unless he would win at poker or they pick up some cargo at the next stop they wouldn’t be able to pay for repairs even if the promise of million credits reward were true. The group agreed to pool the remaining money minus expense and let Frank hit the casinos. Frank would stop if he lost have the stake money. Sharnatha and the belter would poke around for some speculation cargo. Rami and Jesse would be Jesse’s flankers. Squish and the Prince would stay on board. The marines would do guard duty outside. The passengers would be free to roam but had to be back on board an hour before lift off. Frank reminded every one due to centuries of burning hydrocarbons the planet was smog bound so everyone need a filter. Frank paid the ports fees and departed. After she got the ship loaded with fuel she left. Sharnatha quickly found a few dTons of ammo and some dTons of electronics which the shipper would hold free for a day if he didn’t get an offer. She spend the rest of time amusing herself while the ship by dissembling Himme’s cylinder and washing the collar. The electronics were very sophisticated. She hit the data net to do some searching. The cylinder was basic medicinal recorder and neural blocker. It also had a GenAssist logo inside. When she looked up it was pass midnight and only she and Himme were awake on the ship. She grabbed a bar of soap and towel and paid the prince a little visit. She grabbed one of sleeping bags of Marines which was on the floor. She tossed the bag over the prince’s head. She the stood on top of it and started to wail away. Himme helped by swiping at any toes or flesh which became exposed. The prince repeatedly screamed for mercy and bellowed for his marines while thumbing his panic button. When she was satisfied, she and Himme dashed out the door as the Prince feebly struggle to climb out of bed sheets. Two hours later she was abruptly awoken by the racking of a shot gun in her ear. She froze and opened her eyes.

Captain Cass stood over her with his weapon pointed at the ceiling. “You dropped this.” He dropped the fake panic button on her chest. “If I was in another company, I might say good job. But I would also remind certain party goers that we know when he been sleeping, we know where he been bad or good. And some bugs are a jarhead’s best friend. That is if I was in another company“ He turned, hefted a first aid kit then left the bay.

Meanwhile Frank had not wasted time. He sat down to the thousand credit table and won nine thousand in a few hands. He moved to a ten kilo table and sat in. Ten hands later and he was eighty thousand to good. Another ten put him a hundred and sixty thousand credits to good. At this point the casino asked him to leave. He gave the signal to Jesse who eased out first. Buy the time he cash out the winnings, Jesse had a cab waiting to take them to the other casino. Frank asked for a twenty kilo limit table. With three hands he was another sixty grand ahead. After that his luck changed. In another three hands he had lost the sixty. Wisely he cashed out.

The next morning after paying for the cargo the ship lifted. A few hours later they were in jump space and again the temperature was dropping in Sharnatha’s cabin. The stress and the cold in cabin had to getting to her. During the nights she kept dreaming of Himme talking with her. The dreams were vivid. Some times Himme would give her a formula to make a human’s hair fall out. Another time Himme was offering square kilometers of land to toss both Jesse and Squish out the air lock in jump space. Still another was Himme offering to buy her a ship or for her to take out Brenda.

To pass the time the crew took time drilling a hole in the sealed door. A few holes were drilled and a small light cable was pushed through to throw some light on the interior. Inside was a huge birthday present. The paper was faded. It had large yellow ducks, comical Vargr, cute puppies, and muscular Aslan. It was two plus meters tall and about one and half meters square. Everyone even the Prince took turns looking and taking guesses. Frank ruled they would not proceed further until they reached the star port at Ranua. Seven days later the jump clock hit zero.