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Traveller Starship Mini News

Posted the same topic in the Wargames forum, but I thought news this cool needed to be repeated!

Ad Astra Games (the folks who brought you Attack Vector and the Honor Harrington Saganami Island Tactical Simulator game) has just bought the liscense from MegaMinis to make Traveller miniatures. Also, they are going to print the BITS Power Projection titles and come out with a line of capital ship miniatures for the game.

More info here: http://www.star-ranger.com/PowerProjection.htm

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Time to geek out...

Oh, man. I so hope they put out the Tom Peters version of the Far Trader and the Gibson (and Lindsey) Scout. :D
I agree. These mats are VERY NICE, indeed. I wonder, are the minis going to be the old RAFM scale or the Megaminis?

Originally posted by Black Globe Generator:
Ohh, and these would go great with the minis... :D