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Traveller Players and RL Military Background

Did you serve in a military or law enforcement force?

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It seems that alot of us are former, or even active, military personnel (me excluded; damn medical issues kept me out of the Israeli Defence Force). So, did you serve in a military or law enforcement force? Where? Are you still in active service?

Service branches are given in general terms to accomodate for more than one nationality.
I put didn't serve and don't intend to, but that's because I've got medical issues keeping me out. So I didn't, and it's intended that I don't.
I put in "Still in service", since I'm still technically in the IRR (even got promoted after I got out!) but really, not "in service" any more.

Might I humbly suggest reworking the poll to allow for left active duty short of retirement and allowing more than one choice on the type of service (I’ve known several people who’ve gotten out of the military and gone into law enforcement, and how do you count an Army Aviation guy, ground or air?).
Greetings and salutations,

I agree with Ranger. The poll should include a category for people who are banned from military service due to medical reasons. I had to choose No (and don't intend to) for myself and that just does not sit well with me. :(
Definitely should include those of us who left prior to retirement.

And, Army "Aviation" is definitely an oxymoron - helicopters don't fly, they beat the air into submission....
I switched from Marines to Army (ground Forces) but lfet service after 12 years.
The only option I had in the survey was Yes (Retired)
Originally posted by Jeff M. Hopper:
I spent six years in the Navy, then worked three years in private security. Now I'm back in private security (it does manage to pay the bills nicely).

Plus I spent three years bulding bomb disposal robots for Remotec.
Not the easiest one for me to fill in. I was a Special Constable for 5 years so I put retired but of course Specials are a reserve volunteer group rather than a full time role.
It would seem that this forum is not that active. The last entry up until now was Dec 14, 2005, and this thread is very near the top of the page.

I to must choose retired even though I only served 8 years.