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Traveller News Service 'Missing' years?


Greetings all,
I've recently started gearing up to start a new Traveller campaign after some decades away. I've picked up some of the FFE CDROMs and I have noticed that I've got Traveller News Service covering 1105-1112 from Classic Traveller and I've found the Rebellion Era TNS for 1116-1130 but I was wondering if there was anything official covering 1112-1116? Just the completist part of my nature I can't quite suppress :)
Don McKinney's Integrated Timeline does have several entries for the missing years that could be pulled out and recast as TNS bulletins, if you so desired. Although many of these items came from GURPS Traveller products, in theory the GT timeline and the Rebellion timeline don't diverge until 1116.
Thanks for the replies all, I figured it might be something like that. I never had access to a complete run of TNS back in my old Traveller days so I wasn't aware there was a gap until I got the CDROMs :) The history/metahistory of the game is almost a hobby unto itself.
Mind you, if I start the new game in 1105, I'll have a while before I need to worry.
According to the editorials written by Loren for the JTAS online, at least three people knew of and discussed the point of departure: Loren, Marc, and Steve Jackson. So we may at some point learn the deep secret of the Lorenverse.
The point of outright departure of the GT timeline is when the ship's boat (or whatever it was) blew up with Dulinor on it. So, if they did the "minimal change" approach, it would have been whatever caused the unidentified bomber to plant the bomb that was never planted on the main timeline. And that an extremely wide range of things and time, because the identity of the bomber was never revealed (either in-game or from Word of God). There are just so many directions it could go, and a relatively wide period of time it could have happened in. It could have been anything from an Imperial agent who only just found out about the plot and took out the boat (and himself) to take Dulinor down, to an old childhood rival that really held a grudge for a very long time.

And that is just if they restricted themselves to the minimal approach. If they wanted to do something more convoluted, it could have diverged much, much earlier, with increasingly complex trails back into time. We'll only find out if someone tells us before they all pass away.