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Traveller Minis by RAFM


I do not have them with me but I did purchase most of ths ships listed. The majority are about 1 to 1 1/4 inches long. The Subsadized Merchant(#5808) is closer to 2 inches, with the included Launch being about 6/16ths of an inch long. The Lab Ship stands up like the letter "O" and is about 2 inches in diameter. The Ship's Boats and Modular Cutters are both about 1/2 inch long. RAFM also made "Rift Freighter"(for lack of a better word) that measures about 3 inches. This ship features a skeletal frame connecting a Bridge and Engineering Section. Cargo "Pods" or "Modules" are attached to the frame. Many combinations possible with this ship model.

Hope this helps. I will try to post the lengths in inches/metric this week once I find the correct box and have some free time(HA!).
Well if you're still curious, from my own sadly incomplete collection:

Small Craft:

20dT Launch 1/2" long (13mm)

30dT Ship's Boat 13/16" long (21mm)

50dT Modular Cutter 1" long (25mm)


100dT Scout/Courier 1-1/4" long (30mm)

200dT Yacht 1-3/8" long (35mm)

200dT Free Trader 1-3/8" long (35mm)

600dT Subsidized Liner 2-1/2" long (64mm)

They are all (very) approximately made to the same scale. The scans or whatever on the site linked don't really do the minis justice and seem to have them all shrunk in length a bit, making them look fatter than they really are.
My thanks to far-trader for his data to check against my measurements.

Ship Inches Metric

SDB 1 11/16" 43mm
Close Escort 1 9/16" 40mm
Partol Cruiser 2 5/16" 59mm
Far Trader 1 7/16" 36mm
Lab Ship** 2" wide 51mm
+ Research Pinnace 3/4" 19mm
Sub. Merchant 1 9/16" 40mm
+ Launch 3/8" 10mm
Sub. Freighter 3 7/8" 100mm
+ Fuel Shuttle 1 7/16" 36mm
Donosev Scout Research## 1 5/8" 43mm

**Lab Ship sits upright like the letter "O".
##Donosev measured without forward sensor boom(was not included when I purchased it).

Best of luck with your project Inverarity.
Final Note:

In my last post I listed a "Sub. Freighter", the correct ship type (taken from the RAFM site) is actually "Clipper" product #5817.

That is all.