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Traveller LARP?


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Good afternoon, All,

I've been aware that once upon a time someone ran a Traveller LARP at Gen Con Indy, as well as other smaller cons, probably in the late 90's, 2000 and/or 2001. I have an idle curiosity as to whether anyone knows what rules they used to run their games, and if it would be possible to get a copy of them, if the rules are available somewhere?

Perhaps there were different groups, each using different rules. If so, that's cool. The game designer side of me is curious as to how they presented the character info in-game, and resolved tasks, etc.

Also, what kind of scenarios did they run at these Traveller LARPs?

Thanks In Advance,
Back in the 90s (makes it sound so ancient, eh) my friends and I rented a Paintball court and played out a Traveller scenario whereby there were two rival groups of Mercs to rescue a fair princess (who turned out to quite a problem in her own right). We naturally used point & shoot for combat. For interaction (MegaTraveller rules), we used dice strapped on using those things you get at the supermarket for kids toys then role playing it all the way.

If I were to do it again, I would probably be more organized and try using Fading Suns rules (called Passion Play). See HDI's website for more information. I picked my copy up cheap from eBay ($1.00).

When I was trolling the net, I found a reference to a Traveller LARP, at Patriot Games IV {2005} so hopefully someone here can give us a report.
Found a website that referred to a Traveller LARP being run at Patriot Games only a few weeks ago...

EDIT: Kafka, you beat me to it, by a minute.

Anyone attend that one?


What do you think of the Passion Play rules? Could you run a Traveller LARP scenario using those rules, in your opinion?

Yes, I think they are workable for Traveller. Naturally, take out some of the weirder parts (unless your adventure will feature psionics). Character classes would have to be more flushed out but very well done.

Flynn are you thinking of writing a Traveller LARP? I would certainly think alot of interest would be generated from it. As Traveller is a better known product and offers much more flexibility in the "types" of adventures offered rather than relying upon archetypes like Fading Suns does. Mind you, that is one thing that I love about FS...
Hehehe, I think about lots of things.
I actually would like to try a Traveller LARP sometime, but I think it'll be like most things I want to play in: if it's ever going to get done, I will have to be the one to do it myself, you know. If I tackled such a project, it would have to be run at Gen Con 2006 or something like that, but I'd much rather play in one than organize and run it.

Still, the thought was provoking enough that I wanted to see how these things were done in the past. I've read on one of the old forum messages here that the one run in 2001 used a nice mechanic to handle task resolution, and the character sheets were effectively CT characters. That intrigues me.

Now, if you are asking if I was thinking of writing something more than a scenario, but looking at an actual system to use for LARPing Traveller, then no, I wasn't thinking about that until you mentioned it. ;)

Out of curiosity, how does Passion Play resolve challenges? RPS (Rock-Paper-Scissors)? Number comparison? Dice?

simple, elegant, and much less likely to roll off the table and get lost...

Seems like not a bad idear for sitting-around-a-table-gaming, either...
Very nice. The cards could also double as motivation cards as in the old 2300AD or Twilight.

Still researching your question on Passion Play, as it has been a while but I do remember thinking that's how to play Fading Suns, as before I could make head or tail out of what HDI was saying in the main rulebook...D20 FS also helped a bit too but not as much as Passion Play.
Like I said, it's more in the thinking phase than anything else. I'm hoping that we'll find out something from people that actually run Traveller LARPs, and find out when the next ones are planned, if any. At that point, I'd like to see if I could go or not.

I'd daresay that participants in a Traveller LARP of any kind should probably look at uniforms in the Classic Traveller universe, stuff that's available primarily to civilians and at best, mercs. From there, use your imagination.

The above would be modified based on the scenario, of course, but you couldn't go wrong with a uniform circa 1105-1115.

Originally posted by Baron Saarthuran von Gushiddan:
So what LARP weapons and armor do I need to start making?
How about a suit of CT13 Battle Dress and a PGMP-13 kit
For starters ;)

The fun frightening thing is I fully expect you're not only capable but likely to do it, and I can't wait to see it :D
Now that I'd love to see. I'm also eager to see Jesse DeGraff finish his Hiver costume sometime. From a few years ago, his discussions about it made it seem pretty cool.

So what LARP weapons and armor do I need to start making?
Funny you should mention that ;) For many years now I've wanted to make some Traveller armor and props. I've learned enough the last few years in my involvement with a prop making group called Hi-Impact to make it VERY do-able. I just need the time and cash to make the molds. Been too involved with re-creating the Aliens M56 smartgun and dropship helmets to pursue it yet. Once those are done, I'm gonna' start working on the combat armor

BTW, I've talked to MWM about being officially licensed for this, with good indications so far.

Let's Team up! I am also an independent Propmaker, mostly for several small theaters and films. But I live on the east coast. Does Hi Impact have a site? I'd like to get a newsletter and do some snooping/comiseration (hehe)
Teaming up (at least for direct work on the molds) would be a tad hard since I'm on the West Coast, San Jose to be specific. If you had a piece that you wanted molded, I could certainly help with that.

Hi-Impact's site is here
and contains the WORST friggin' picture on me in the biographies section. Don't know why Robin used that stupid pic instead of the one I sent similar to the rest of them. He also never seems to update the page much.

In case you haven't found other prop makers on the web, you can find me here all the time
and follow the link to the board.

And the Replica Prop Forum's the major hive of scum and villainy....er, the major hangout for proppers in general.
Ahhh! THAT"S who you guys are! I thought so. Fantastic Work! I mean team up not in the physical sense, but more of a "I'm working on this" sort team up, a meeting of minds, so to speak. Networking is good. I am a much smaller operation, just myself and my two henchmen, as we have no where near the level of business here in the sticks as in NYC or Cali. (though I still work often in NYC) and have access to all kinds of gear for it.

We are in the process of setting up to service the entire NY Capital Area, as there are shops, but most are connected to big theaters. We are close to getting a new shop in the next couple of weeks. Theater is good for money, but there is a distinct lack of robots and Laser Pistols for my liking. That and the maddening levels of inter-theater politics can be trying.

I don't see a problem with the picture, you look like a normal sort of chap to me!