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Traveller in Tampa/St. Pete


I'm a gamer with over 20 years experience and I have NEVER had a satisfactory Sci-Fi gaming experience.

I'm dieing to join a good hard Sci-Fi game and would prefer CT or T20.

Please some one help!!!!
Hey BluWolf,

I'm in the process of relocating myself to Tampa.
So, I don't have a group here and things are kinda busy. But if you connect with one or want to start one in a month or so...let me know.

20 yrs of gaming experience, CT experience.
Funny, I just moved to Tampa this past July. I have just started my search but I will definately keep you in mind.

I don't have very high hopes because in all these years I have NEVER been able to find a group to play.
Drop me a note sometime. I had a group back in chicago but its hard to restart...we usually ended up in shadowrun.
On the other hand, I haven't started hitting the game stores for group advertisements.

If you want to start mixing environments I'd recommend Gurps Traveller.

I have had two people respond with interest.

1 or two more and we should be able to start running.

Anyone else???

Does anyone else in the Tampa area play anything other than Vampire???