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Traveller Goodness at Gen Con 2006?


SOC-14 1K
Good Morning, All,

Does anyone have any word about Traveller games being run at Gen Con next week? Of note, I'm interested in any open gaming for Traveller as well.

Looking For Games,
Okay, no news....

Hmmm, if I ran a pick-up game at Gen Con, who would attend? From there, we can work out schedules and the like.

I'll be camping in WV. Some year I'll visit my brother in Indy and do Gen Con. He's part owner of a game shop.
Not me, I'm afraid (though I'd try to stop by and say hello): my schedule is full with mini painting classes Thursday-Friday and then running Warlord demos/games for Reaper Friday evening and Saturday.

I'll make a final decision after this weekend, once I see if there's any interest in an actual Traveller game at Gen Con this year.

More later,