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Traveller Computer Games?

Spinward Scout

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Does anyone out there know of any recent computer games that would be similar to Traveller? Are there any games being talked about? I'm seeing commercials for the X-Box game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and I've seen a few previews. It looks impressive - most impressive. I'm thinking that something similar could be done on a Traveller/Sci-Fi scale. And hopefully not limited to X-Box. Anyone know of anything like that?


Hi Scout, did you see the post earlier about Escape Velocity Nova? Its very Travelleresque though not much like Knights and is now available for PC. Free download (though rather big if you don't have highspeed) to try it out uncrippled for a while. Open architecture for fan created plug-ins for customization and extended play value (Ambrosia should really start paying me for all my hype
) and a very reasonable cost. I love the game and the company (as if you couldn't tell ;) ).
Escape Velocity Nova is one good game. Kinda difficult, but good.

What about non-computer video games, such as the "Metroid" series for the NES, Game Boy, SNES and etc.?
Originally posted by Jame:
Escape Velocity Nova is one good game. Kinda difficult, but good.
EVN is a very fun game, and I'd love to see someone make a Traveller based plug in for it (with some tweaks and changes).

Some of the parts of the game can be difficult, but it's a fun challenge. Of course, once you get started on having a good enough ship and some good tactics, pulling down even the toughest ships in the game isn't too hard except when they are en-masse or you don't have room to maneuver (well, except for the tough Vell-Os and Polaris ships).

There is a legal loophole (so it's not really a cheat) that makes it pretty easy to get a "good enough" ship pretty quickly (say an hour or so of playing after starting). I can usually get a very well equiped Pirate Valkyrie/Starbridge or a Modified Starbridge without killing anyone within an hour of starting (and without using any cheats). Easily within 2 hrs.

The downside is that knowing the loophole makes the game a little less fun since you no longer have the challenge of working your way up from the lowly shuttle (unless you choose to ignore the loophole). I'll post the loophole if you're interested.

Originally posted by Jame:
I may never use it, but by all means. Would you prefer to post it, or email me?
I've posted the scheme/loophole in another post (with a spoiler warning title).