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Traveller Card System


SOC-14 1K
I've been looking at the sample Traveller Card System cards and have a few comments:
1) Consequence Card is a really neat idea! It's a nice way to keep track of the fallout of encounters. Could be filed by Planet or by Character.
2) The Minor Race card looks good, but since I don't know the system behind it I can't say more.
3) Character card seems good for a quick reference for the GM, but weak for running a combat encounter.
4) Task Reference: very good for all players to have on hand.

General comment: I think that if you really want a quick, workable system, making all the cards a standard size would be very desirable. That size should either be 3x5 or 4x6, that way the cards could fit in standard card boxes, use standard dividers, and the GM could add various hand written standard index cards to his files and everything could be easy to reference. You could even sell official plastic card file boxes (black with a red stripe of course) to hold them.

A set of pre-made cards could be sold too with some standard NPC's on them (Ine Givar Bomber, TL-12 rifleman, Imperial Marine Sergeant, The Baron's Idiot Nephew, Clerk in the Starport Office) for quick reference during a game.

I personally have a fondness for the 4x6 card, it could easily hold all the information on the Minor race card, or starship data and all the weapon and combat data for a character or NPC.

Eventually you might release the blank cards on your website as an RTF document for download, so people could type in the info on cards and share them or just print them out all pretty-like.

I use cards extensively in my games and found they are lifesavers in running complex combat encounters. It becomes very easy to control 6 different troop types or 7-8 unique NPC's on the field when each has his own card with complete skills, weapon data, etc. Having a large number of generic NPC (or animal) cards also makes spur-of-the-moment encounters very easy instead of a stumbling chore.

Thanks for sending the cards, and that's my 2 cents

Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson
If you've never used index cards for running complex encounters, start doing it now! That way the TL-10 guard you use in this week's adventure is ready again with no muss, no fuss nex time your players knock over another TL-10 warehouse. Each adventure adds to your file box and makes the next adventure easier to prepare.

Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson
Over twenty years of gaming, and I NEVER thought of that. I am living in such the disposable world.....
I am just grinning and slapping my head....am now going to re-read your post so I fully understand it.

I can be such a 'hiver-experiment-gone-tragically-wrong.'

I just got the sample cards today. Looks good
but I'll have to use them before I get an idea how they will work in the game.
I got the cards yesterday and I to will need to use them before any real comments.
Peter v
I just received these, so here's some first impressions.

First off, the cards are plain and simply too small. While OK for pre-printed info, and for me (I can write very small) I can't imagine most people being able to fit the necessary info in the tiny spaces provided on these cards. While playing-card size is a nice idea, 3x5 or 4x6 would be way more practical (as well as maybe allowing all cards to be the same size).

As for the cards themselves:

1) Weapon card. No spaces for signature or recoil? Chart in the center = damage by ammo type by range band? I prefer both AHL/Striker (std. difficulties, ranges change by weapon) and MT (std. ranges, difficulties change by weapon) to the T4 system (std. range & difficulty + weird DMs), and am disappointed (but hardly surprised) to see it carried over here.

2) Character card. No space for psionics - another card? Also, the space for skills is WAY too small - maybe not for CT, where characters may only have 3-4 skills, but definitely for T4+ characters. There should be a space for Life Pursuits.

3) Task Reference. Very nice idea to have the essentials of the system together at-a-glance. However, I'm so violently opposed to the system presented that it's hard to be impartial - perhaps I'll make up a card like this with the basics of the MT system.

4) Minor Race card. Very intriguing. I wish I had the rules that go with this; it looks fascinating.

5) Starship card. There seems to be a lot of crucial info missing here: TL? Price? Volume? Mass? Agility? Defenses (screens, sandcasters, etc)? Sensors? Config is on there twice. In every version I know (HG, MT, T4) the hit location tables are standard, and therefore don't need to be on every ship card.

I hope these comments are helpful, and don't seem too petty or whiny. Except for the incomplete-seeming starship card and the tiny spaces for handwriting, I like all of these and would definitely use them.

after reading this why are we using anything other than the Traveller standard card size ..5x8...fits inside an LBB nicely. standard cardbox lots of room for data and writeups ...I used 5x8 cards from the get go with Traveller (cause they fit in the lbb nicely and all the forms look as thou they were designed to be printed on 5x8's )
Great Strephon's Toenail, yes Cards! Even with computers, I still am in the habit of using tons of index cards to tag stuff. I have boxes and boxes of patron entries, weapons, all kinds of stuff going back years. CArds are the way to go.
If I remember right, the idea for using cards for tracking NPCs in Traveller was in a Challenge magazine then reprinted in one of the MegaTraveller books. I always thought it would be a great addition if someone came up with some software to... maybe not simplify... not waste dead trees?
If I remember right, the idea for using cards for tracking NPCs in Traveller was in a Challenge magazine then reprinted in one of the MegaTraveller books.

Cards have been used way back since CT. Check your Tarsus and Beltstrike boxes.

Where are you guys getting these cards? I'm out of the loop, I guess.

some came with the preorder packet for the t-5 cd...
The hundreds i have printed on 5x8 cards mostly of CT Imperial Forms ...I did the printing (all black and white) long time back <early 80's to mid 90's)
having to set it all up again as i am out of forms now and i like the 5x8 format forms ...waiting on t-5 to make adjustments to the forms thou afore printing myself a bunch more.