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Traveller articles from old white dwarf or dragon magazines

I am wondering if any one has or knows where I can get my hands on some old white dwarf or dragon magazines or parts there of.

White Dwarf published many articles for Traveller and there were some excellent articles for Traveller in the old Ares section of dragon.

In particular I am looking for the police service and the secret service for classic traveller.
Ebay, or post exactly what you are looking for here... I wanted to find a copy of Dragon #64, which had the URP based robots article in it, and within the span of two days, there it was! i believe there are several sites that have a listing or biblilography of particular Articles...

(begins rummaging)
Dragon: all of them are still on the "Best of Dragon" cd set.

Due to legalities (of copyright law) and not purchasing outright all submissions, they had to reprint the whole magazine, and that includes the traveller materials and all the adverts.
I have quite a lot of the WDs of that era and would be happy to sell them (the quality of some leaves much to be desired).

If you want to mail me with numbers I'll see what I can do.