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Traveller: 2300 Now Available for Free on DriveThruRPG


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The original Traveller:2300 game is now available for free for a limited time from DriveThruRPG

It includes the 8-page "Understanding 2300" booklet.

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Just as a note, all of our PDF products are now also listed under the GDW section at DriveThruRPG.com
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Originally posted by Casey:
points to previous post on both free Traveller 2300 and QLI on DTRPG ^_^

So do the QLI files on DTRPG have DRM or any other similar restrictions on them or are they the same as the files on this site?

Any word why Traveller 2300 was put up instead of 2300 AD?

According to their blurbs, DriveTHRU sells only DRM files <shrug>. Beyond that, I do not know.

As for the Traveller:2300 rather than 2300AD decision, again I don't know. T:2300 is not particularily playable without the errata. It is interesting, but... hey, it's free.

Its also missing al lot of the forms, no character sheet for instance.

However, there was a corrected printing of Traveller:2300 as well as the error laden first printing (and I'm not talking about 2300AD). I have both versions. Ill look and see if there is a way of telling them apart (other than looking for the errors, I mean).