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traveller 2000


what is your fav traveller and why.................and will u please give me a high rating.....please???????!!!!!!??????
Hi Shocker,

I'm not sure if this is the kind of answer you're looking for, but a friend of mine crossed traveller with Top Secret, the espionage game and it worked great. It flowed really well. Although I havent tried it yet, the new D20 system looks really good too.

I am sure I have posted this before, but

CT Character generation

CT ship design with "house" computer rules

AHL/Striker combat, with 1/2 Effective range being Point Blank, 6+ to hit.

CT world & trade rules
TNE with T-20 creeping in, a home brew style Mr Shocker, utilizing the CT-MT-TNE timeline of events...and heretical inserts from BITS 101 books, Milieu 0 "Pocket empires" (for economic reasons!)..and liberally mined web sites of traveller ideas...in a word:
Byzantine. I expect complete transfer to T-20 within two years...But all is in playing with previous OTU.

As fer stars, I never asked fer any.. they appear from time to time.. Ratings are subjective... they rise, they fall.Don't be shallow and get caught up in this trap...I don't.

As for yer last line....hmmmm.
My policy on stars is to worthy postings/posters. at least 3+ or more, 4 average. 5 rating is for outstanding(impresses the hell out of me)stuff. I have never given lower.
Its a subjective approach (i confess), rather than "sandbag a person with "lower stars", i simply do not give them.
I don't play that "game". My basis in judgement is based on idea/ content/ and very personable. Biased? perhaps, but then we are only human... ;)