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Trade Classifications: K'kree, Soli, Zhos

John G

Hi all

I need the parameters for the Rich trade classifications for K'kree, Solomani and Zhodani worlds. I've got the parameters for Impy, Hiver (naturally ;) ), Vargr and Aslan already.

They're ususally found tucked away in the relevant CT:AM module, but I don't have mine to hand at present.

Also, can anyone confirm that I've got these allegiance codes correct:

Zhodani = Zh (or is it Zo? - can never remember...must be the Zhos playing tricks again..)

K'kree = Kk (?)

Thanking you,
In anticiaption,
Of your helpful
A K'kree rich world has atmosphere 6 or 8 and
population 6 to 8. Government type is ignored.

Zhodani: atmosphere 6 or 8, population 6 to 8, govt 4 to 9.

ZH & KK.