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Traaveller haikus

One of my players did these Traveller Haikus and gave me permission to post them. Hope you enjoy them. These were inspired after their ship was disabled and they were plunging toward a planet which was in the amber zone (frozen water world).

Attack for honor
defending a Lady's land
Dmn, hit their hold.

Falling from the sky
stuffing the lifeboat with aid
no shopping down there.

a forzen gulag
I hear a shipyard calling
we wait for a ride

Icy, musing man
ponders why he is shipless
what the Hell happened?

Titan impotent
shaking my fist heavenward
stuck on a frozen bitch.

- Hope you enjoyed them. Shar_leigh
Very nice!

Here's a series of haiku I wrote after a particularly high character-death scenario. The series is entitled: "The Fate of the Marines"

Derelict starship
Deep within a gas giant:
Profits in our eyes

Marines EVA
To claim our salvaged prize-ship
But it's a corsair

The airlock scramble
Is too late: as she fires,
Atmosphere ignites

Vacc suits pop like corn,
Or a fire-cracker string
Subatomic ash.

Most excellent imagery, all of You! Stars fer the lot!*****! Adventures that lend themselves to other literary styles. Keep up the good work!

heretically yours,
(and Merry Christmas!)

(Except Shar_Leigh isnae taking stars, alas)
Verra nice Rodina!
(for other haiku's submitted see posts on F.A.C.T (fraternal Alliance of classic Travellers)headed by Frank Lee Scarlett.

Damn the Torpedoes!
Betrayed promises;
The Hunter and Hunted dance,
In gas giant's murk.

for the crew of the (I)SS Ursula, exiting at Tremous Dex's sole GG, into unfriendly space...
Cleon's Cabinet Falls
Each Pushed to the Ground like Snow
He's Mad, Not Angry

Used Scout/Courier
Type S, Its Air Most Unfresh
Liked Thawed Mold, It Blows

Come the morning glow
Darrians play god, trigger
Sunshine too bright. Oops!
On a Usenet forum, there was an interesting variation on haiku, often used "competitively". Start with a haiku (classic 5-7-5 pattern), and add a related couplet following, both lines seven syllables. A "response" starts with the identical couplet, and adds a related haiku. The next response starts with the haiku, and adds a new couplet, and so on.

Strephon is murdered
Dulinor thought he did right
Imperium falls

Unity provides much strength
Factional politics fails

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Unity provides much strength
Factional politics fails

Aubaine takes the lead
Coalition ventures forth
Back from the darkness

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aubaine takes the lead
Coalition ventures forth
Back from the darkness

What really is the difference
F-Tech versus T-E-D?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

You take it from here if you like...
Originally posted by Rodina:
Cleon's Cabinet Falls
Each Pushed to the Ground like Snow
He's Mad, Not Angry

I am truly touched! Just for that, I'm going to give you "Lori Anne", my beloved Auto Pistol and Seneschal. :D

Now my turn:

Moot lined up like ducks.
I giggle with every bullet fired,
"Charlene" sings with glee.

Originally posted by Valerian:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Mysterion:
In jump space again
Seven days until exit
We're out of toilet paper?
Ah lovely, that was. Sprayed tea out me nose...

</font>[/QUOTE]Thank you.
The Uplifted Penguin's Lament
Mithril's Sirens sing:
Freedom calls us all to war;
Starfire and our guile.

Gone to graves beyond the ice;
Iscariot's legacy.

--Mikal, speaker for the Dead, SM, circa 1120 GT