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Totally weird idea, wondering how to handle it...

Ok, I've read thru "twlilight's peak" and asides from my questions re how the shelter connected to the base I think it's pretty good for a campaign, and as I read thru it I pretty much automaticlly wondered how I, as a player, would have reactd to playing thru it.

This is of course an automatic thought mode for a GM as it helps one prepare for the players reactions. Anyway, I came up with a really weird idea that I could see happening in some groups, and I wanted to solicit ideas on handling it.

Basically if I'd been a player in the TwP campaign, and survived, I think I'd write it up as a movie and sell it as a true story, with a few names changed to protect my ass, of course. But basically I'd sell it as a movie based on a true story, or even a semi documentary.

I mean, it had a historical plotline that went back centuries, mystery, intrigue, a secret zhoad base, an alien base, ancients, etc, etc. It would have likely made a hell of a movie, maybe on par with the Davinci Code or something.

SO I was wondering how to handle a situation where a player or group goes thru an advneture and decides to try selling the rights to the story. Just saying you can't is cheap, just saying "Well they give you a pile of money for it" is cheap too, so how about some ideas? And feel free to cop the whole "sell movie rights" idea too, of course.
Well, there's a secret Zhodani base involved and Zho infiltration of an Imperial Megacorp, both of which will be embarrassing to the authorities (and the Megacorp). I guess the authorities are going to want to avoid that being made public so they'll want.... what's the phrase?... creative input into the script.

Plus, if you play according to the timeline, the adventure finishes just before the Fifth Frontier War, after which people are going to be a little distracted for a few years.
Ever watch Stargate SG1 and the "Wormhole EXTEME!" episode?

Let your players get involved in the movie, then twist the Hollywood out of it so that it becomes some incredibly campy space Vampire thing that so disgusts them that they run away screaming!

Go with it, have fun with it!