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Toronto (Canada's REAL Capital)

All the good players are in Ottawa, Glen
Hi Chris!

You're right, of course.

Toronto is the Capital of Canada only in the addled minds of Torontonians. Having spent time in both, I'll take Ottawa any day (of course, I'd take Vancouver or Halifax of Varadero over either....).
Send me a private message about the group. As a 30 something player, I might be interested if it did not collide too much with my home life and work schedule...obligations that wife a pregnant wife and mortage make it difficult to find time to game except with a few cronies, a couple times a year, at best.


NB: resident of the United States of Greater Toronto
Kafka, the other half of my website ( Stargrunt dot ca) is a web designer living in TO. So I can't speak too badly of Toronto. If they'd only realize that the central rotational axis of the universe does not pass through Bay Street or Skydome....

Seriously, I get to play Trav or AD&D with my crew from Kingston about three or four times a year. I get to game with some Ottawans, but usually board or card or the like maybe once every 2-3 weeks. So I can sympathize... and responsibilities eat into gaming time.... <sigh>