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Tool kit


Can anyone tell me what`s in the mechanial tool kit. Is it the basic wrench, screwdriver, multie purpess tools, AKA hamer and duct tape? Or dose it have some more interesting high tech toy...er equipment in it?
I would Imagine it has some basic diagnostic tools. something like a high tech timing gun. or something to talk to the equipment's integral computer chips.

Frankly I'd say it's up to you. depending on tech level. (always a key word.)

Tech 4: all you need is a pair of pliers and some bailing wire. maybe a sledge hammer.
Lemme see what's in my toolbox...

A roll of AstroTape (ducks undergo explosive decompression in space
A multi-spanner
A toggle wrench
A pack of twinkies (Don't ask)
My DeWalt Cordless Torqueless Driver (A drill produces forces not wanted in 0G)
A box of bits for the driver (drilling, threading, driving, etc..)
A block of TDX - A gravitationally poarized explosive (it has its uses)
A set of magnetic graples
A set of standard cargo container locking pins (Yeah they're from the cargo hold, but you never know when you need a spare set)
A grav collar
My trusty hull bolter - a gun that fires a metallic bolt filled with expanding epoxy foam for fixing hull breaches
A plasma torch - cuts AND welds metal
A mono-knife (monomolecular blade cuts almost everything)
A ball-peen hammer
A coil of RT superconductor tape
A piece of plasma ducting
The instruction book for my parts prototype in the engineering room - It uses a laser and some metallic goo to reproduce anything you scan or program into it
A pack of chem-catalyst for welding superdense
A digital micrometer/caliper tool
Some library crystals for that stupid computer
A set of 4 Vise-Grips (the finest tool ever to come off Terra)
Some dice and a pencil ;)
A flux densometer probe for my PDA
A set of electrical/logic probes for the PDA
A Chilton grav car repair book
A box of assorted fasteners
A sharpie
A tape measure
A tube of fullerene
An empty print cartridge for the hardcopy device(?)
A can of aerosol CA (it sounded good on the Tri-D, but there are several horror stories since then...)
And scattered all over the bottom is a bunch of screws, bolts, nuts, and diamond bearings...

I think I left some more stuff in the engine room, but that gives you an idea...
MADDog forgot a few important items...

Battery chargers for all his electrical thingies...
A can of Spray-Crete brand ablative foam.
A Tube of Hyper-Glue - 1,000,000,000,001 uses
A bag of spare components left over from the last repair job - because there are ALWAYS parts left over!
A glass dagger
A chocolate covered manhole cover
I didn't like the tube of Hyper-Glue...It dried up before I got a second use out of it...That's why I bought the can of aerosol CA (cyano-acrylate aka superglue) while watching a Tri-D infomercial...Unfortunately being in a spray can is NOT what the gods intended for superglue...

I've always used the Neo-Styrene togo packages from the LoneStar I get with my BBQ K'kree instead of spending money on Spray-Crete...

MADDog and I BOTH forgot - waterless hand cleaner!
(Or the wipeys Lone Star gives out with the BBQ K'Kree orders...)
Originally posted by Zutroi:
MADDog and I BOTH forgot - waterless hand cleaner!
(Or the wipeys Lone Star gives out with the BBQ K'Kree orders...)
Those are patented (the neo styrnene To-Go-pkg.s & the wipeys! ;) :D
But free with any purchase (!!!!)
products of LOTUS, LLIC (Low-tech Solutions, Inc/ Saurus/Vilis/Spinward marches)!

***-CEO Micheal F Rourke/Hefry/regina/Spinward marches
Originally posted by Zanrain:
While we`re at it what`s in the...Medical kit?
<best pirate voice>
AARRGGGH...I've only 2 items for medical - the airlock and a pistol. If ya can't fire the pistol into an enemy, then out ya go...

A Tube of Hyper-Glue - 1,000,000,000,001 uses
I have one player who seems intent on finding every last one.
Exactly how much glue is in one tube? And how strong is it? If he glues a sydite to his chair will the big guy be able to break free, or will he have to leave his pants behind?