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TNE Pocket Empires Campaign?

I've been thinking of starting a PBEM Pocket Empires campaign set during the New Era, with the players taking the role of the government of a small PE trying to survive and expand in the face of opposition from the Guild, Virus, and other sundry dangers of the Wilds. Has anyone ever attempted to port the T4 Pocket Empires campaign concept into the New Era? If so, did you pick up the T4 Pocket Empires book and adapt the rules to TNE, or did you just start out on your own?

I found some spreadsheets for running a PE campaign, but they're all written for the T4 book. Anyone have any experiences with those, good or bad?

I have used T4 PE with my TNE Banners Sector campaign, the major problem I found is that the military sizes generated cannot really be related to the sizes of units generated using TNEs Path of Tears book. The T4 task system can be adjusted back to TNE D20 system, but really the PE book seems to assume that the PEs have enough infrastructure to build imperial sized fleets.

Eg using PE, Alston, the major capital of a PE in Banners sector could have 3 squadrons of warship (approx 3 million tons) and SDBs coming out of their ears.

In reality they currently have about 18,000dt of warship of techlevels 11 through 15. The PE budget for a fleet this size comes out as insignificant.

I did find it very useful for other meta tasks though, like establishing coloniesm upgrading technology on a world etc.