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TL 8 merchant

I've knocked this little monster up, i reckon ti not bad, if anyone needs something real low tech for anything, relic, or something to give a few players as a 'reward' consider the foxtrot class...

*** Ryac Drive Yards ***
Foxtrot Class Light Merchant

Craft ID Foxtrot Light Merchant, Type AAL, TL 8, MCr1,298.00086
900/2250, Disp 1,000, Config 0USL, Armour 40C
Unloaded = 5525 Tons, Loaded = 17704 Tons

3/6 Fission = 20MW, Duration = 56 Days

100/200, Ex Fusion Rocket (18,000TT), 1.01G (28 Days), STL Only

Radio (system) x3, Laser (far orbit) x2

Radar (far orbit) x2
Act Obj Scan = Routine, Act Obj Pin = Routine
Pas Obj Scan = n/a, Pas Obj Pin = n/a
Pas Eng Scan = n/a, Pas Eng Pin = n/a

Hardpoints = 10, no weapons mounted as standard

Def DM = +3, no defensive systems mounted as standard, EMLevel = Faint

Computer (2/bis) x7 [+ x7 more as backup], panel = Electronic Link x1,000
Basic Env, Basic LS, Ext Ls, All for 2700 Kl of hull (habitation areas & internal cargo bays only - NOT engineering areas)

Crew = 4 (bridge x2, engineering x2), staterooms x4

Hydrogen Fuel (for drive) 204Kl, Radioactive Fuel (for reactor) 54Kl [within reactor housing]
External cargo modules (100DT rated @ 1350Tons) x8, Internal bay #1 (100DT rated @ 1350Tons), Internal bay #2 (29Kl rated @ 29Tons)

*** end ***

the basic design is a triangluar cross sectional truss, the fusion drive at the rear, then the reactor area, neither with crew access. then the long central section with four of the cargo modules on each side. the foreward section has the internal cargo bays and the accomodation section in a cylinderical section.

Both the fusion drive and the reactor have three cooling fins

Fusion drive fuel is stored in three external spherical tanks, the fission fuel is held within the reactor module.

crew duty is somewhat dull..

it needs a few modifications, specifically the reactor could do with expanding to hold more fuel. Note that pre-gravectic designs are mass limited, not volume limited.

I'm working on a few drawings of this craft, as well as a few variations on it. Not upto fancy 3D animations etc.. but can probably scan something :)
I'm working on a few variations, mostly to test the design optimisation spreadsheet i'm working on. I'll fire an article up somewhere on how this design has been put together 0nce I've got a few more examples.. but varients on the board include:

foxtrot-A: armed merchant (replaces 200DT or payload with extra power & weapons, also a beefed up drive).

foxtrot-F: 'fast' version, replaces some cargo space with fuel for the drive, also converts four modules to passenger accomodation.

foxtrot-C: auxilary fleet cruiser, sacrifices all cargo for military hardware and the power to use it (TL-8 SDB)

foxtrot-V: carrier, replaces both banks of 4 cargo modules with hanger bays & service areas, the internal hold turned over to accomodation, also the larger engines from the 'A' version.

Amazing, pre-gravetics are actually a nice challenge froma design point of view.

I'm also working on the 'Sigma class AAL', basically the same craft but at TL-7 with a cryogenic drive and longer life support endurance, real old stuff.

Should be getting a small website up for this lot soon, the stats look better as html/xml anyway.


Anyone got the MT stats for areo engines? i.e. trust, cost, mass, volume, fuel consumption etc?

I wanna do a little space plane, since most of my TL-7/8 designs cannot land. everything i've seen is a reference to coaac which i don't have, just MT & HT. think all i need is the engine specs anyone know of a site with stuff thats close enough to canon to use?
websites at


tis basic at present, currently working on getting the site working and a bit more content, then the variants can be managed reasonably easy (1st pass of the 100DT baby version took 10 mins) I'm still working on the spreadsheet that generated it.

Also doing the Ryac star system that these things live in. Outline finished but space craft will come first.

The site is currently missing the required disclaimers.. still working on one of them.