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TL 14 Air/Raft


The standard T20 air/raft is built at TL 9 and uses a turbine engine.

I wanted to jump the TL level a bit and see what I could get. The grav drive units don't get any more efficient at higher tech levels (as a beta tester for the TNE FF&S, I really like how equipment got more efficient as TL went up).

Power system do get more efficient though.
I started with the same 6000vl chassis, but put in more Grav DTUs. This gave this air/raft a cruising speed of 100kph & max speed of 200kph.
More speed means more power required, so Advanced Fuel Cells to the rescue! The power plant puts out one and half more power for only an additional 2.5vl. The big size savings was in the fuel tank. Less than one quarter the size of the one required for the turbine. So I added a pintle mount (set on the bow, in front of the forward passenger seat), a sturdy (str 40) winch, two high powered spotlights (300m range), a 500km 2-way radio and a layer of armor (AR 1).

Here are the stats:
Standard Chassis, 6000 vl
Controls 1200vl
Drive Train Grave 48 vl uses 12 EP
Advanced Fuel Cells 22.5vl Produces 15 EP
1 weeks fuel 100.8 vl
3 passenger seats 330 vl
1 pintle mount 6vl (supports a LMG)
Winch 8vl (mounted on the rear) 0.4 EP/round
2 300m spotlights 4 vl (fore & aft) 0.2 EP /round
500km 2-way radio 2 vl 0.08 EP/round
AR 1 60vl
4218.7 vl cargo
2.32 EP available with everything running
Agility 0
AC: 9 (-2 size, +1 AR)
Max Speed: 200kph
Fast Speed: 150kph
Cruising Speed: 100kph
Very Slow Speed: 20kph
Acceleration: 20kph

Good for field work. It's a bit sturdier (armored), using the winch you can handle cargo easier and raise/lower gear in spots too small for it land in. It's got a tad more cargo space than the standard air/raft.

As for the pintle mount, well...three characters in my PBEM game have the Combat Rifleman feat, so I should give 'em something to play with. ;)
Very nice. Reminds me of a Grav Pickup or 4x4.

I came up with an advanced air/raft the other night. Just a basic design.
It's a bit smaller (4000vl) and uses TL12 Fuel Cells, if fact it's all TL12.
And I kicked up the max speed to 300kph.
Also, why wouldn't a grav vehicle have the same traffic signals and lights as a ground car?
I gave it some headlights and tailights as well.
Also stuck in a 500km range 2 way radio, so it can call a ship in orbit.
A full fuel cell will last you 28 days.
And it still has over 2000vl of trunk space!
This was pretty much how I envisioned the basic Air/Raft from CT.

Stats will be posted on my website. But here's the details for my fellow gearheads:

4000vl Chasis, Standard Config: (4000vl) 4000cr
Controls: 800vl 2000cr
12DTU of Grav: 48vl 552,000cr 12EP
Adv. Fuel Cell: 18.3vl 1220cr (12.2EP)
Fuel Tank: 410vl, 28days duration
Passenger Seats x5: 550vl 300cr
2 headlights (18m beam): 1.6vl 40cr 0.08EP
2 Brakelights (Illum.): 0.4vl 10cr 0.02EP
2 Way radio, 500km: 2.0vl 300cr 0.08EP
Cargo Space/Options: 2170vl

Max Speed is 300kph, Cruising is 150kph. There is no EP for agility.
AC:8 AR:0 and SI:58
1 Pilot and 5 Passengers
4 weeks of continued operation.
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