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This art is from what product(s)?

Originally posted by Griffon Games:
I have a few of Blair Reynold's original Traveller art pieces. I don't know what products that they were originally for.

Can somebody help me out?

Here are links to the pieces:


Those come from some late DGP books. I think they came from the Flaming Eye adventure book, but it also might have been one of the MegaTraveller journals.

I think that one was in one of the MT-era Traveller's Digests or maybe an early MT journal.

Assignment: Vigilante, a late MT era adventure.
Wow.. that was pretty fast.

I was hoping to nail them all down though. I'm thinking about selling them and I'd like to be able to provide interested parties with the information about where they appeared.
The first picture is my all-time favorite piece of Traveller art. It's from the Flaming Eye, page 51.

The second picture is in Solomani and Aslan ('Cats and Rats'), page 12, as is the third, page 36.

The fourth, as mentioned, is the cover of a module Assignment: Vigilante, although there it had been colored (I suspect it was originally intended to be a smaller interior illustration for something else and was colored after the fact). Assignment: Vigilante was indeed an MT product. I vaguely recall that it came out around the same time as the Diaspora sector supplement and Hard Times.

Oh, for what it's worth, Flaming Eye and Sol & Aslan are both DGP products, whereas Assignment: Vigilante was GDW.
Thanks, Dave. That was the kind of detail that I was hoping for.

As for the Assignment: Vigilante cover... I KNEW that this one seemed familiar but wrong for some reason!