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The Vegan Speculation...

Aside from saying that the character won't use animal products?

I'd say give it a low-grav feat, and reduce its strength.
Perhaps I should have Specified the "Vegan Alien Race" that lives in the Solomani Rim... and not judgemental and annoying terran hippies that eat plastic "cheese"...

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There was by David hale, an excellent TNE conversion of this race in Children of the Earth series, in Traveller chronicle, Baron S.

I own a copy of this edition, the rules would have to be T20 converted. Interested?

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You mean buy it? What does the conversion process involve? Im cooking one up from Library Data and all research I can come across... but that sounds as if it would help...


How does this look?

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The Vegans: A Minor Race for T20
(Conversion by Jason "Flynn" Kemp)

Background: Intelligent minor race originating on Muan Gwi (Vega/Solomani Rim 1717). They were named by Solomani humans after the bright star near their homeworld.

The Vegans received the jump drive about -6000 from Vilani-influenced traders, and colonised several nearby worlds before being absorbed into the First Imperium in -4404. They were severely restricted under Vilani rule, as were all races who resisted being intergrated into Vilani culture. Thus, they welcomed Terran victory in the Interstellar Wars and the advent of the Rule of Man. The Vegan Polity prospered under the Rule of Man and survived the Long Night largely intact. However, it was broken into individual planetary states by the Third Imperium, in accordance with Imperial policy: non-humans were treated as full citizens, but no interworld governments were allowed.

The creation of the Solomani Autonomous Region in 704 again restricted the Vegans. Human colonies were founded on most worlds to maintain Solomani influence there, and Solomani governors were installed on all Vegan worlds.

Personality: Vegan society is divided into hundreds of different tuhuir, which might be roughly translated as culture, philosophy, or tao. Each tuhuir has its own customs and traditions, and its own interpretation of the proper way to live. The civil service which governs the Region is a tuhuir which oversees and mediates amoung all the other tuhuir, in accordance with the Vegan Covenant, an ancient document that dictates the interactions of the various tuhuir. Although rare, heretical and rebellious tuhuir do exist. Archeology shows that tuhuir were once separate societies, each associated with a particular people and geographic location, like countries on ancient Earth. Now, however, they are mixed together in complex patterns. Tuhuir are not hereditary; when a Vegan nears sexual maturity, he or she enters a period of search, which may last for many years. Eventually the individual chooses a tuhuir; once made, the choice is for life. In practice, about 50% of Vegans choose the tuhuir of their parents; abour 0.5% find that they enjoy the search as a way of life and never join a tuhuir.

As individuals, Vegans are considerably calm and less prone to the ebb and flow of human emotions. They are driven by an aesthetic sense rather than an acquisitive one, and value life as a journey or a work of art to be experienced, rather than a destination to achieve or a struggle for survival. Many are uncomfortable with positions of social prominence, feeling that service to the whole interferes with one's ability to live life according to one's personal principles. As a whole, Vegans tend to be more pacifistic that other races.

Status: Minor Race

Homeworld: Muan Gwi (Vega/Solomani Rim 1717 A456A86-F)

Languages: Vegans speak both Galanglic and Vegan.

Physical Description: Physically, Vegans are upright, bipedal, and bilaterally symmetrical, averaging 2.2m in height. They are bisexual, homeothermic oxygen breathers with an average lifespan of over 200 years. Because of their low-gravity origin, they are physically quite weak, and are unable to live on high-gravity worlds.

Vegans are roughly humanoidal. Their head serves as braincase, and does not turn. A hood-like fleshy structure covers the head, and contains two eyes, covered by a single transparent eyelid-like structure. This is a polarized light filter, protecting the eyes from glare and also from windblown dust. The eyes can see into the infrared. Auditory organs are located in a collar-like structure around the neck. The mouth is a vertical slit in the upper thoracic region; two mandibles are located inside the upper chest, and grid food between their opposing sets of teeth. Where the forearm and hand would be on a human, Vegans have three tentacles to serve as manipulative organs. Their legs end in broad, splayed feet, which prevent them from sinking onto soft sand. The urogenital opening is a vertical slit located ventrally in the lower abdomen. There are no external differences between the sexes. Vegans are designed to radiate heat as necessary through regulating blood flow to their skin, obviating the need for sweating.

Adventurers: Vegans encountered away from their homeworlds are often still in search or a tuhuir, or have chosen to join a tuhuir that promotes exploration. Such Vegans serve as ideal Traveller characters.


* +2 Dexterity.
* Vegan base speed is 9 meters.
* Although they are quite tall, Vegans are still Medium-sized.
* Darkvision: To simulate their infrared vision, Vegans possess the Darkvision special ability referred to under section 6, Special Attacks, on page 397 of the Traveller's Handbook. The range of the Vegan's darkvision is 18 meters.
* Polarized Eyes/Nictating Lens: Vegans gain a +2 on any saving throws against blindness or flash effects. In addition, should they suffer temporary blindness or flash effects, the duration is halved from normal.
* Vegans gain a +2 racial bonus to their Listen skill checks, as well as Survival skill checks made in desert environments.
* G-Intolerance: As Vegans evolved at 0.5 standard gravity, they are more intolerant of higher gravities. In regards to Vegans, double the local gravity before determining the Gravity Check modifier, as found on the table on page 154 of the Traveller's Handbook.
* Vegan Height: As Human, Male, plus 45 cm to the base height, for both sexes.
* Vegan Weight: As per Human, Male, for both sexes.
* Vegan Age: Double the Mixed Vilani row of the Aging By Race table on pg 114 of the Traveller's Handbook.
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My thanks, gentlemen. Hearing that my work will be useful in your games brings a smile to my face. (It always surprises me when I bump into someone and find out they've used something of mine in their games. It's a good thing, though.)

If, after playing the Vegans by this write-up a bit, you have some suggestions to make, please feel free to share them with me.

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