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The Travellers

Way to go! Great Work.

I remember this from wayyyy back in the early days of White Dwarf, before it degenerated into Games Workshops monthly catalog. I still have the page with Gavin's Swansong in one of my traveller folders. ;)
Runners by Sean Wang, Known for his Tick material, is an excellent comic dealing with Runners in space. His detail on the ships is great to awesome.

The story makes me think of several adventures from Traveller.
His website
Check out the cover of the comic on this page
(click on the cover for a larger view)

I spoke with this person and left him my T20 book for most of one day. He would be interested in talking about the possibilities of a Traveller comic.
(sorry I have not emailed you directly, been busy getting some potential licenses going.)


I've still got my old copies of White Dwarf, sans the "Gavin's Swan Song" issue (given to my ex).


At last! I lost count of the times spent in class registration in the morning laughing our asses off to this stuff. It can be mine again!


I've been talking to Paul Drye (GURPS: Sword Worlds) about doing a Traveller comic for a while now but I haven't been able to pull my thumb out of my arse long enough to achieve anything yet. =(

This was also the origin of the "Eye of the Hurricane" ship defence program. I believe you can only use it when the ship is landed. It puts the ship in the center of a small circular 'eye', and systematically blasts everything from that circle out to a few hundred yards.

Mad Gav is back. The original wearer of battledress for a night out on the razz at the local starport hostelry. Is it really 20 years.