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The travellers guidebook


Hey, anybody know the status on the travellers guidebook, and what it's about?
Thanks "Get out of the way Lambert!!!!"
I believe that the Player's Guide may still be in playtesting, but artwork may have already been ordered, as QLI moves slowly but surely towards preparing it for release. (As the primary author is now working on T:1248, I imagine it's all mostly a matter of the final details at this point, and waiting for a printing run to be worked out. Another edit or two of the draft version might come into play based on playtester feedback.)

All of the above is basically a guess, but that's my thoughts on it right now.

Hope this helps,
There's already a number of posts regarding the content of the book, but essentially, it's all the sections of the THB that a player would use, plus a lot of new material:

  • New feats</font>
  • New classes</font>
  • New prestige classes</font>
  • New prior career options</font>
  • And clarifications on areas that caused confusion in the THB.</font>
There's probably more, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head. Do a search for Player's Guide here on COTI, and you'll find a lot more information, and plenty of speculation as well.

Good luck,
It will also contain, I believe, full character generation/creation rules - which couldn't be incorporated into the THB because of D20 licensing problems. The new book will be OGL, though, rather than D20, so that problem is overcome.