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The Thunderwraith


In the Spirit of the Witchy Yacht, i have decided to put my parties ship on line, with all there stories as i get them. This is a Classic Traveller setting with a few exceptions. One, there is a full blown rebelion headquartered at Carey. Our characters, being the most advanced and Miltarily succesful people this rag tag group had ever scene, were offered the jobs of Military leaders, kinda like Luke, Hand and Lando. well, we did that, and we saved there planet from two meteor strikes and an Imperial Close Escort (their tech 9-11, what were they supposed to do about it?). anyway, that got boring.... fast. we retired our old characters and generated new ones, as their kids. our old characters had a ship, and their kids were restless. One got insubordinate, when the one without any kids said "you realize, they are just like we were, when we were kids." so we got handed a 20 year old ship, 30 Mcr and the childless one (who had a 100 ton piece of trash)
100 ton piece of trash:
Enforcer I
Standard 100 ton Hull TL 14
Config 2
Jump drive 2 TL 11
Manuver Drive 3 TL 11
Power Plant 4 TL 15
Fuel: 24 tons
Computer 2fib
20 ton Bridge
1 Stateroom
2 Lowberths
1 prison Stateroom, (devided in Half)
1 Double Turret (Sand + Plasma)
2 Missle Units (a one ton missle unit iside the armor)
1 Gig, Module 2 Omputer, 3 missle Racks Tech 13 cargo, extra small craft stateroom

the Thunderwraith (so named for its owners job):
400 tons, jump-d(2), manuver-f(3), power-f(3)
3 triple turrets, each has 1 beam laser.
10 staterooms, 20 low berths
120 tons of fuel
160 tons cargo

Ships Locker
5 SMGS with silencers
5 Shotguns
5 Autopistols
5 Reflec
5 Battle Dress
5 Long Range Comms
5 PGMP-12 (level 15 built, to 12 specs)
5 Power Packs
5 M203 or equivalent
1000 grenade (launched)
5000 Shotgun Shells
2000 clips of SMG ammo
2000 clips of Auto Pistol Ammo
1 Light Mortar
500 shells
500 stun Grenades
500 standard grenades
2 Rifles w/ Electrontic Sights and Folding Stocks
200 clips of Rifle Ammo
2 SMAW or Traveller Equivalent
500 SMAW rounds
2 Hvy Machiene Guns
2000 belts of Ammo

Azhanti Elessar: AA8889 age 30 The Commander of the ship and a gradute of the Carey High Guard. He is also almost the entire crew. His Father is the High Commander of the Carey High Guard and Lancers (alright, so i love andromeda) has a real apreciation for Chicks, Bar fights, and his trusty shotgun. (For Referees only, he is also an unknowing Psionic Str 9)
Skills: Vacc Suit-1, Shotgun-2, Leader-1, Computer-1, Ship Tactics-1, Pilot-3, Gunnery-2, Navigation-2, Engineering-3.

Dewpat Floo: ACA997 The Hvy Weapons man of the team, he loves combat. can't get enough. a good tactician and solid leader, his men would follow him anywhere into combat. Also, quite the Small Craft pilot, with skills better than that of the Red Baron or Luke Skywalker. Loves a good beer, a good brawl, and a good NCO. Unfortunetly, not quite as handy with the ladys as Azhanti. (Refs again, This one knows hes a Psionic, just doesn't know what to do with it, also level 9)
Skills: Vacc Suit-1, SMG-2, Gunnery-2, Tactics-4, Medic-2, Hvy Weapons-2 (mortars and the like) Ships Boat-2, Leader-2

Shirknar: 7A7987 GM: dude, he must think of himself as some kinda ninja with no last name! A man whose history is known only by 2 people, and one of them is at the bottom of the ocean with a knife in his back. looks about 27, but with drugs and surgery these days, who knows? From we've figured out about him, he's reeeeealy good at gambling, even to the point where the die with be on snake eyes and will "magically" (hint hint) turn to a 7. (Psionic Str unknown)
Skills: Ships Boat-3, Shotgun-3, Tactics-3, Vacc Suit-1, Fwd Observer-1, Leader-1, Auto Rifle-2, Demolition-1, Pilot-1, Admin-2, Cutlass-1, Dagger-1

Quandar Jewls II CA99A9: a good Marine, with many a Brawl under his belt. Can hold his own in a firefight or dogfight, but not much else. Loves the ladies, but isn't exaclty the most PC of the 5 (or even the most sober).
Skills: Brawling-3, Tactics-3, Hvy Weapons-2, Shotgun-3, Vacc Suit-1, Ships Boat-3, Leader-2

The fifth? well, i'm still waiting for his entire story and stats. the 5 of them form a solid Covert Ops team of mercenaries and pilots. If you'd like to "Borrow" them for your campaign, either as friend or foe, heres a couple of things. 1.) found almost entirely in Bars, or in an asteroid belt waiting for their next big score. 2.) Most are truly Psionic Users, which is why they are so succesful. we play with them as teleporters mostly, and haven't really figured out their other skills. 3.) they don't come cheap, unless they believe in the cause of the hirer. 500,000 Cr is their usual fee +ammo and 1 MCr for each cohort killed, (but that never happens)
Wow. A nasty bunch. I've been thinking of using such a group as NPCs in the campaign I'm thinking of for the Show-Off Witch (*snatch* when the final stats get in)... Great job!