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The Silly Mercs

i did a stint with a merc outfit when i was Very much younger....everything was going along just fine......untill our major bpaid us all off in CORVAN paper currency!!! now you all know what THATS worth hhhmmmmmmm we did catch up to him right at starport and we did get out of that hole
but the TAR stuck to the major for months!!!!
thats when i started thinking about becoming a TRADER!!!
There was a street gang that the players ran into on Ishimshulgi once. The Black Hearts caused a merc unit to have a nervous breakdown. Uncle Bob can tell more. Heh, Heh.
Was part of a Merc group in the Sword worlds. It was a mixed company doing security work. It was mixed human, aslan and vargr. Failed the contract horribly. The job was to guard a starport against local militia. Many of the humans were seduced by local girls. And a psyops campaign by the militia leaders had the aslan and vargr fighting each other like cats and ---.
The company didn't survive the assignment, but it did have fun.