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The Saarthuran Skyrazor

The Saarthuran Skyrazor

Class: Skyrazor
Cost: Cr 245,642
TL: 15
Size: Huge
Streamlining: Airframe
Pressurized? YES Climate Control? YES
Drive Train: Propeller
Passengers: None
Cargo Space: 86vl
Range 822,240km/month
Speed: 1142kph
EP Output: 300 (Advanced Fusion)
Agility: 7
Initiative: +7
AC: 18
AR: 3
SI: 50
Visual: Windows
Crew: 1 Pilot
Sensors: None
Fuel: 450vl
Comm: 2 Way Radio

This was my plane in the Sidur Ishki Global Airpower Review in 1079. I won a couple of trophies and got really, really intoxicated…

See the Picture at the Link below!

I was thinking a squadron as fighters, more small craft than grav craft. It could be adapted for tl13 grav craft, though!
Something about 15 tons, useful for both strike and defense capabilities. Something that can be optimized for either role but can be changed between with some work. Ummm... Use tl 13, but optimize it withing that. This is for the small craft version, of course.

The grav craft version? If possible, perhaps a grav dirve train, tl 13 version of the Skyrazor, with limited orbital capability, please!

(Pardon any incoherenceon my part.)
Falcon Class
System Defense Interceptor

Ship: Falcon Interceptor
Class: Falcon
Type: System Defense Interceptor
Architect: Sidur Haski Design Consortium
Tech Level: 13

USP: SDI-0106811-800000-00003-0
MCr 24.970
15 Tons
Crew: 1
TL: 13
Cargo: 0
Fuel: 2.5
EP: 2.5
Agility: 6
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops
Architects Fee: MCr 0.250
Cost in Quantity: MCr 19.976

Detailed Description (T20 Design)

15 tons standard, 210 cubic meters, Airframe Needle/Wedge Configuration, 75 Structure Points


6G Maneuver, 2.5 Ton Power Plant,
2.500 EP, Agility 6

No Bridge Installed,
Model/2 Computer, Model/2 Flight Avionics,
Model/2 Sensors, Model/2 Communications

1 Hardpoint

1 Triple Missile Turret organized into 1 Battery (Factor-3)

Armored Hull (Factor-8)


2.5 Tons Fuel (28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, No Fuel Purification Plant

1 Acceleration Couch,
0.50 Ton of Missile Magazines (holding 10 missiles)


MCr 25.220 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 0.250),
MCr 19.976 in Quantity (Hardpoints and Turrets charged)

8 Weeks Singly, 7 Weeks in Quantity

The Falcon class system defense interceptor is a custom design supplied to the independent government of the Republic of Falkenberg, in the Trojan Reach sector.
The Falcon is a highly versatile space fighter, and its advantages of high agility and maneuverability are complimented by its excellent armor rating. The advanced airframe is adapted specifically for extended operations in or out of Falkenberg’s atmosphere.
In a move to save on energy requirements, the Falcon is outfitted with fuselage mounted centerline missile pylons. These pylons use the Type C24 Space to Target (C24STT) missile as its primary weapon, though they can support almost any standard missile effectively. The pylons are further supported by a 10 missile magazine central to the fuselage, for a total payload
of 19 missiles.

Ps: I put a picture up on the site below:

An excellent design, Milord! At the present time the Republic needs one wing (three squadrons) of Falcons. Perhaps we can come to a licensing arrangement?
Indeed, Lord Jame, The Assembler robots have been given the template for the craft, and the units can be produced for MCr 15 each. As to delivery, is it possible to meet halfway somehow? we have the claw between us, sir. Although there is an Import/Export Galleon enroute to pick up automation devices at Esperanza (New Islands/Reft) A TL D waterworld. It would be easy to get them there. We have also been remanded by the IISS to do a test flight of the new Jeraboa Class High Jump Transport there. The Falcons would be a good first cargo, as well as a good opening to trade pbetween our peoples, what?

How many ships comprise a wing?

Did you like the colors and heraldry markings as well?

By all means, Baron, I'd be happy to meet you halfway. I'm sure that Michaelson Indistries (one of the companies on Falkenberg) would gladly provide some transports to pick up the wing (which is 76 craft, not counting any replacements). The fastest we have is Jump 3, however. MCr 15 is reasonable, though perhaps we could make it up partly in kind?

The colors are superb, but aside from the Presidential Squadron perhaps the Self-Defense Force may desire to change the markings.

As an aside, though, where in Reft is Esperanza/New Islands?
Its in Subsector J, Hex 0926 in the Reft Sector. Its an Independant Alien State called the Eslyat. They apparently want to gain prestige by forming a sort of "Rift Tollbooth" situation. The details seem dubious to me, but Ive encountered them before...

The Jeraboa and The Kangaroo are 15000 tons, and Jump 4. They have fuel for 8 parsecs worth of jumping, and can hold 900+ tons The only trouble is, theyre unarmed, and we only have escorts that can tag along to the edge of the Claw and not beyond without having to go around... I dont know what the situation is on that side, but it looks like you have a few Aslan colonies there, and piracy seems a little out of character for them...

we can shrink wrap all 76 Falcons with wings folded, and still have tons and tons left over for the Eslyat's Enviro stuff...

Hmm... Maybe I can go meself!

(Out of Character) What's the highest jump number for tl13? I can't remember, and don't have any references on hand.

(Back in Character) The Aslan may not generally be pirates, but they have some privateers - and Falkenberg has generally cold relations with them. I'll send two 1kton Jump-4 far escorts along, though they only carry 7 parsecs' fuel in add-on tanks. They'll get the goods home, but if you need to go further, you can talk to MI,L for further escort.

Edited to have J-4 instead of J-3.
Milord Baron, have you ever heard of an old pre-spaceflight Terran fighter called the "Shinden?" I believe it was an experimental craft made by the Japanese during the Second World War.

Hey, far-trader! Hi!
Forgive my intrusion but I was watching a history program whose topic was secret projects of WW2 and the Shinden was included. An experimental jet engined fighter which was initially flown with a centre/rear mounted push propeller. It was also tested with guided missiles of some sort IIRC and would have made a mess of US daylight bombing missions. Fortunately the war had progressed too far for the Japanese to produce the jet engines in sufficient quantity.
I think the same program also mentioned Japanese biological warfare on mainland China.
You're not intruding, Sigg Odra. Actually, I was wondering what kind of plane the Shinden was. So, thanks!
Originally posted by Jame:
Milord Baron, have you ever heard of an old pre-spaceflight Terran fighter called the "Shinden?" I believe it was an experimental craft made by the Japanese during the Second World War.

Hey, far-trader! Hi!
Hi yourself and how very observant of you Jame. A student of warfare history eh? I'd forgotten about this early Japenes version (link) and thought the Baron was drawing perhaps on more recent designs.
To be more precise, The Skyrazor is modeled more on the American xp-55 Ascender

Curtiss Xp-55 Ascender

there are also a few private applications of the design like a Starship Learjet type thingamajig...

I dont have a link, but I think its a twin prop pusher design. I personally like the overall impression of speed imparted by a pusher design. It just looks cool.

Well, the Shinden is the same type, and the one I'm familiar with. That link doesn't seem to work, milord...