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The Rule of Man (help needed)


Attached is a list of the Emperors of the Rule of Man that I've cobbled together from other places. Can anyone fill in the gaps?

Emperors of the Rule of Man

-2204. Hiroshi Estigarriba, (Regent of the Vilani Imperium and Protector of Terra.)
-2182. Admiral Yev Gennaz (Regent and Protector of the Rule of Man.)
-2180. Yev Gennaz (Hiroshi II)
-2162. Teresa d’Entrecastaux
-2150 Admiral Yakov Petrovic (Regent and Protector.)
-2144. Yakov Petrovic
-2139. Zhiang Zhou-Lei
-2137. Michael O'Connor
-2108. Severin Estigarribia (Hiroshi III.)
-2171. Majid Ali Khan.
-2058. Madeline Trent
-2046. Chandrasekhar Azaruddhin
-2028. Vidmar Kulkinski (anti-Emperor).
-2029. Hideki Morimotu.
-2018. Elize Papete
-1900. Governor Frances Repzinski becomes High Protector of Sylea.
-1973. Death of the anti-Emperor Vidmar.
-1776. Twilight of the rule of Man.
-1526. End of the Rule of Man.
I have looked through all of my traveler stuff, which is far from a complete collection, but I cannot find anything with more names for the time period you are looking for.
Vice-Admiral, I suspect that you are working off the only list of Second Imperium Emperors there is.

There has never been a canon list of these Emperors. Someone - I think that it was Andrew Moffatt-Vallance - *was* working up a Rule of Man "Emperor's List", as a companion to his Interstellar War history - see http://www.downport.com/~amv/Promrise/Int_wars.htm
and his Promethius Rising project - http://www.downport.com/~amv/Promrise/index.htm

I believe that you have a copy of his Emperor's List. I think that the gaps are intentional, caused by the chaos and civil conflict between the fall of one emperor and the rise of another.

He also created a brief paragraph for each Emperor's rule - do you have this info? I am certain that it was posted on the TML - but I couldn't find it via the search engine! You might have to email Andrew himself (His address is at the website: I haven't tested it.)
Thanks guys that's enabled me to add a few more name to my list. I guess I can make up the others then :D