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The Poll


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The poll results indicate that most people who responded play T20. How are they doing this in the absence of the T20 book? Are they all playing T20Lite? Just wondering. . . :confused:
To some extent, but the wording of the question was (as I recall) something like "which Traveller do you play or plan on playing?"

I plan on playing the T20, and I've got the T20 Lite rules with plans to play arround with them some, so voting for T20 was an honest responce.
I answered it the same way. I've played much more GURPS:Traveller than I have CT, but refuse to play G:T anymore and am already coming up with ideas for a T20 campaign.
My bad! I didn't really consider the word 'plan', probably because I very seldom buy anything anymore sight unseen.
Hey, maybe we can start a chapter of "GURPS:Traveller Anonymous" for everyone who got smart and quit playing it?

{{um wait, is that my first "spam" on CotI?)
Originally posted by Kpeterson:
No. That would be a "troll".
And a pretty lame one to boot.
Well, it got you ;)

...but I was thinking it looked more like the pretty colors of a small 'flame'