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The Official Diaspora Phoenix Preorder Thread for UK (and Europe) Buyers

Ben W Bell

SOC-14 1K
Peer of the Realm
Okay as some of you know the preorders have come out for the Diaspora Phoenix novel. Unfortunately postage for this to outside the US is extremely high. What I have done is volunteered to import it in bulk and then distribute it from this side of the pond.

Okay UK people. For those who want to Pre-order Disapora Phoenix in hard copy, but are put off by the high postal prices to the UK, here is an idea.

I can order it in bulk for all who wish it, get it delivered and then send them out in the UK postal system individually. As an idea of costs if we were to get 10 of us the total cost to get it shipped from the US would be $90.85 (this includes the price of the book obviously).

For 10 people this works out at $9.09 each.
At the current exchange rate being offered on my credit card ($1.78 - £1) that comes to £5.11 each for the book. Plus postage and packaging in the UK which would be around an extra £1.

So if we get 10 people together to pre-order from the UK, we can all have the book for ~£6.11 each. Slightly less if we get more, slightly more if we get less.

So any takers?
So far I have on my list
Me <wave>
MJD for additional copies to bring up numbers.
Hirch Duckfinder
Richard P
A possible from Shane McLean
Captain Jonah
David Thompson

I will leave this here until the beginning of next week before placing the order, to give people a chance to think about it and add their voice. I will accept payment for this with either a UK cheque, or a transfer through PayPal (however if you choose Pay Pal can you send the the additional few pence to cover my costs).

So if you are a UK or Europe Traveller and want a copy, add your name here.

I'll place the order for this on Monday if those listed are okay to pay me the initial costs then (you can pay the UK/Europe postal costs then as well if you like but remember it will be a while before this arrives).
Okay I have just placed an order for 10 of these. There is half the pre-order requirement for you right there Martin.

Of those who said they were interested I shall contact you in a couple of days with the exact amounts owing (it'll take a couple of days to get onto my credit card statement so I can tell the exact exchange rate).
I shall remember postage costs, don't worry I'll factor them in. I'll let everyone know their costs once I know them.
Okay. The amount has come through on my credit card now. It comes to £52.20 for the 10 books. This is £5.22 for each book. I shall work out the postage and packaging costs once I get a similar sized book to compare for weight. (I'm presuming a small paperback novel will do.)

Takei do you want your copy, when it arrives sometime in the future, to be sent to a UK address, or to Sweden?
Okay. Postage on these will be £1.10 each. This means the total for each book is £6.32. Martin your's will be different as there are four copies for you (you wanted the additional copies).

I will be contacting you via PM.