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The Odyssey Of The Bard Refuge


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Back by popular demand (apparently), the next chapter of my fanfic (The Odyssey Of The Bard Refuge) has just been posted.

The last couple of years of RL have been somewhat chaotic but things are quietening down. I am therefore managing to catch up on some of my larger projects. That's just another way of saying in future there shouldn't be such a long delay between chapters. For those of you who have been waiting: thank you for your patience.

As always, all feedback/comments/rants gratefully received. Enjoy.
I like it; it has been a long wait. It was a very pleasant surprise, then, to read this next chapter!

My only specific thoughts , though are that the Droyne's direction seems predictable, and has for a while. Maybe there is a plot twist to come...
An intresting reading.

Looking forward the next chapters.

I've allways wondered why there has not apeared (AFAIK at least) a Traveller based literature, as the millieu is rich enough to produce it.
Thanks. I've always wondered the same myself. There are loads of professional books for other game backgrounds but for the OTU ... what? Four or five books and a handful of fanfic?

So I decided to add to this small pile by novelising one of my campaigns. Not as it was but how it should have been. It's the first fiction I've written since Grade 10, thirty years ago, and back then I was only a C+ student. So if people find it at all readable that's great.

And there's nothing stopping others doing the same.