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The Nastiest 2300ad ship is.....Just not right


The down right nastiest ship I ever built for 2300ad is a pentapod battleship.The earthings had these military ships,and complained about the Kafers(new DNA material,raw materials for pentapod industry)and suggested the pentapods could help defend the earthers and themselves by extension.So the pentapods tried and bammm! right out of the ballpark

Anyhoo,I'll eventually post the total actual stats for the ship I just have to dig it out(sorry) and I will,I have always wanted to give it to the gaming community for cons and such but I want credit
,I would also like to know how it does in playtesting.Design was done by the rules presented in the travelers digest articles.Pentapod small ships kinda suck but as they get bigger whoa,they rock.Pentapod ships use a solar organic battery that charges from the difference in light /temperature from the different sides of the ship ie.towards the sun away from the sun.The limitation is that pentapod ships have to recharge in a system so if the battery is dead between systems(deep space) then the ship dies.
Note this is a ship the size of a destroyer that can take on a fleet of ships not just a ship of a larger size,but a fleet,so it can be said to be a spoiler,campaign killer etc.Use at your own discretion

Pentapod battleship(destroyer sized)
Size: human destroyer equivalent(i cant remember but i wanna say 2500(0)?Ill dig it up)
Hull:segmented(hard)-looks like bamboo .they have another tear drop hull but its not even close to being armored( soft and squishy)
Armor:20(yes i said 20)there is another version(av10) that goes faster but the monster is AV=20(statistically a 10 auto hits in Starcruiser but the monster had like 1200hps so i figured it could take it)
Powerplant:400m3?(best i can remember,I have to find it)organic solar
Weapons:200-400 lasers
speed:2.5?(3.5?for the av=10 version)old military?pentapods mechanic devises lag behind earth tech
sensors:the watch word on this is redundency,statistically this ship is gonna have its exterior equipment(including weapons)removed (scraped away)before hull penetration occurs so everyone inside is gonna be alive,blind and unable to shoot or move but alive,hence the large number of weapons ,sensors,etc.I had at least 10? sensor arrays of each type
screens:frosting on the cake ,why not(pentapod screens sucked so they were limited to factor 3 I think

Pack this puppy full of american missiles or mines and I imagine it holding a system.
For example: there is at least one spot on the french arm where a kafer fleet could slip by ,Ie.it could go here or there and continue up the arm.I imagine this ship taking and blocking the system while the Earth fleet goes up looking for trouble secure in the knowledge the Pentapods are holding the flank.The funniest part was that the Kafers might get sneaky and engage the ship accidentally and lose horrifically,biblically even

"we're sorry we destroyed the 70+ vessels arrayed against us, but we thought it was the thing to do at the time..."The french admiral,sighed and drooped at the knowledge the enigmatic pentapods were way too efficient at killing Kafers and not for glory,not for fame and certainly not for honor,but because "they were in front of us and they appeared to be hostile ."The admiral turned to his aid as he left the room and said,"I certainly didn't expect this,I shunted them off to the side on picket duty ,no glory in picket duty after all"he continued babbling"it was a political decision and ,it was just... a ...destroyer with an unproven crew,I figured the kafers might come thru that side system and we wouldnt have to lose a human vessel,just like a damned alien to "accidentally"win the war and not realize it to boot.I am not facing the press on this one,I'll resign first."The aide responded "truth is always stranger than fiction,sir"."I am glad you feel that way son your going into the press room and counteract 3 years of propaganda"that the kafers are gonna kill us all" and that we are all safe now that we are under the protection of the pentapods."

let me know what u think so far