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The Imperium has a very great interest in the mercenary trade heres why:

In an Empire filled with factions willing and capable of using force one thing the Imperium can't allow is a too great predominence by anyone. Using Imperial forces directly is wasteful and provocative("we don't want to come in and use are muscle:that aint subtle"-James Kirk, Piece of the Action). Therefore besides wanting to make sure there is a reasonable amount of order, the Imperium wants to make sure local wars come out the way it wants them. This is where the Imperiums conection to Mercs comes in. By making sure it has a great deal of connection to merc brokers it has a chance of dealing out victory defeat and stalemate as it sees fit, like a Caesar at an intersteller arena. It would do this by dealing out good contracts to the faction it prefers at the momment is very useful for this. Of course the Inperium is not omniscient, so sometimes this system will break down, depending on the competance of the one running the operation.
This can be put into a campaign. The PC's could be secret-service agents sent to watch over this, or to fix up someone elses blunder.Or they could be mercs who suddenly find out that they are "scheduled" by the Imperium to lose. Or they can be planetary officials trying to turn the tables on the Imperium. And what if a rival empire across the border gets involved?
Mercenary campaigns and jobs generally hinges on not only the type of mercenary they are (e.g. a commando unit versus a fighter unit versus a starship crew), but also the transportation issue.

It matters how the troops can get there - does the unit have its own ship, if it isn't a vessel crew, or does it have to hire a liner or merchant?