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The Loner

I'm currently refereeing a Classic Traveller game and the PCs came across an unregistered scout ship.
Anyway, inside was a guy who said he was a loner and travelled the universe. :rolleyes:
I'm thinking of introducing him in my next adventure. ;)
Does anyone have any ideas about the loner or an adventure idea? :confused:
He could be a fugitive, worth a moderate bounty. Otherwise, he could be access to a ship, or maybe a robot probe from Yaskoydray!
I'm thinking of making him more of an ally or patron.
The impression the adventurers were given was of a rich man or noble.
Thanks for such a quick reply
OK - these are all re-treads but I'll throw them out anyway. You can even mix and match as makes logic in your Traveller universe. Enjoy!

1.) Standard issue retired / mustered out Scout on Detached Duty with standard issue Scout Ship.
1.a.) Attempts to get players to buy / take possession of cursed / hot / useless (to him/her) property.
1.b.) Working for an Imperial Navy Anti-Piracy squadron (x # of DD's, FF's, DE's, etc.) and he just found his first catch of the day.
1.c.) Gets paid x hundred credits by the IISS for each Class (GM determines) Survey he turns in at the nearest IISS Base. He decides to subcontract out to the players for something less than what he gets. A possible twist could be that the IISS frowns on this sort of thing and actively seeks out and prosecutes both subcontractor and subcontractee.

2.) Fugitive with a bounty has already been covered by Jame.
2.a.) Starts to use players, with or without their knowledge / consent, for supply runs that help keep him running with a low profile. After some initial payments (which could turn out to be counterfeit) he disappears without paying the remaining portion of the debt. He could also pay the players in such a way the suspicion for some or all of the crimes the fugitive is evading falls upon the players.

3.) Eccentric Noble. Pays players to keep him supplied and his profile low as he prefers to be by himself.
3.a.) Possible twist - family / authorities are looking for him for good / bad reasons and try to convince the players to give up his location or bring him in or take them to him.
3.b.) Believes himself to be suffering from a rare disease / condition and places exacting standards on the supplies as part of his treatment protocol.
3.c.) Is also a scientist and is researching a stellar event. His research won't let him leave so he sees the players as a godsend for a supply line.

4. Smuggler. This is his standard ruse to:
4.a.) unload his contraband.
4.b.) find a courier to move the contraband to its final destination and awaiting customer (all sorts of twists with the customer - eg: "I already paid", "This is a bust", "I am a competitor").
4.c.) get rid of contraband when he knows law enforcement in pursuit. It is a real bargain for the players!

5. Spy. Name your agency. He needs:
5.a.) a courier (similar to the smuggler's courier in 4.a.).
5.b.) a supply line (similar to 3, but hostile agencies are actively seeking him).
5.c.) a reconnaissance of a planet or facility and wants the players to conduct it, or create a diversion.

Like I said, nothing new here, but hopefully something to work with. Enjoy and have a good adventure!