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The Imperial Creed


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Found this in todays TML Digest and felt it deserved to be shared. If the admin feels there might be a copyright issue please delete the post.

I might have messed up the cadence a bit in the cut n paste but it didn't feel quite right as posted originally either. Like the TML poster I feel it could use some small editing but serves well as is for some inspiration.

From MT 1 - The Zhodani Conspiracy, 1991, Paragon Software, p 117

"The Imperial Creed

I proudly stand as an Imperial Soldier, and hereby swear a solemn oath to live my life, to the best of my ability, in the name of the Imperium.

May my actions be brave and my judgement be clear. May my Service always honor the Imperium. I firmly resolve to resist greed, corruption, and self advancement against the Imperium.

I promise to preserve peace and to accept alien races with friendship and equality so long as their intentions do not threaten the welfare of the Imperial Empire.

In the name of honor and justice, I steadfastly swear to lay down my life for the preservation of the Imperium. Though my life may end in the call of duty, I promise to obey all orders given to me by superior officers, and I pledge to exhaust every ounce of strength, courage and will to defeat my enemies."
Otherwise known as "I pledge to visit strange places, meet strange people, see weird things and destroy them, and the Imperium backs me up when I do!"

Be fair...you forgot in the preamble...

Offer a treaty of free trade, invite Imperial MegaCorps in to rake your planet bare. And once it was discovered that you have sentience... offer citizenship or nuke you from orbit, should pose a danger to us.

To be conclude with...

Making Charted Space once again free for all merchants and allowing the navy to enforce order amongst the Stars.