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The greatest improvement in the "new system"

Perhaps some of you have played D&D in the past and have invested your money and time in the T20?
I never played D&D, but have invested the money in the latest incarnation of Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future. One thing that strikes me as user friendly is the way the tables follow topics. The star system gen, for example. You need to do this to get this. Then the table is next on the page. Next step explained, then its corresponding table to review, or use. The system is almost verbatim to Book 2, but the layout is so user friendly that I wish I could buy the whole world Traveller in this format, and we could see eachother in the next system. Peace,
and free hydrogen.
Splitting up the prior history from the character generation section is not user friendly IMO.

The rest of the book is OK, but the character generation section could have been made a heck of a lot clearer.
Hence the upcoming Player's Guide, which I believe will address those concerns, as well as add new character options.

Hope this helps,
Originally posted by Sol Pniering:
One thing that strikes me as user friendly is the way the tables follow topics.
Well, I haven't given T20 more than a cursory glance. I always admired how the old CT beginner's set (or whatever it was called) separated the rules and tables into separate booklets. Plus, the tables book was laid out to minimize page flipping. Generally all the tables you needed for a particular activity were gathered together on the same two page spread. This made it easy both when reading (hold the rules book while having the tables book open to the relevant section nearby) and in play (usually only needed the tables book).
Oh how forgetful of me, the Starter Edition, and I have two, one still in shrinkwrap.
But I still have a preference for the