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The Game


I only read about 2300AD on the internet, and what intersts me most, is "the game". One can download a ratherincomplete set of rules, which is ot really playable.

Does anybody on this forum know a playable Version or a similar game that simulates "the big picture"?
The only stuff I've seen about "The Game" was what was mentioned in the 2300AD rules and on FFE web site. (But is no longer on the FFE web site)
FFE had said at one point, a copy of the rules of "The Game" would be part of the 2300AD reprints. Not sure if MWM is still planing on doing the 2300AD reprints, but you can e-mail him and ask. His e-mail can be found at Far Future Enterprises
Hope this is helpful.
Actually the FFE 2300 Great Game pics are still on the FFE website, just no longer linked from the current main pages. >.<
FFE 2300 Great Game pages
At least 2300 is available for sale on pdf (DRM protected though) from here.

All I can find on playing the Great Game now is several country sites for the GGII but not the site for the game itself. Perhaps one of the players is on CotI or you could try emailing the country sites. For whatever reason the grognards at GDW never put out a playable version as a sequal to their TW2K boardgames.

Hope this helps,

GG2 site. Likely what you referred to though in the 1st post.[/UPDATE]

I'm pretty determined to get it off the ground this time, even if it is totally freeform.

Thank you for your answers.

... and DO versions exist, that are not "totally freeform"?
Or does anybody know a different ruleset one can download somewhere or buy, that simulates political, economical, social and military processes on a global scale (well, I know, that is a little bit ambitious...)