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The Gabriel Enigma

mike wightman

SOC-14 10K
Congratulations and thanks to Michael Taylor for yet another quality adventure.

I'd like to find out more about that Core expedition...
Hi Sigg

No problem. I like to ensure what's written is not crap, hence the long time between the release of GA-1 and GA-2. GA-3 is currently being written. as for the core expedition, well, it's a bit open ended and there are no real answers at this stage, but the usual problem I have is not stretching Canon too much...

Another winner from the TA line. I swear, I haven't downloaded a clunker yet. Even the ones that aren't quite my cup o' tea are so easily tweaked. Anyone who hasn't purchased a subscription should do so immediately.

One question, the Zho patroller. Is it supposed to be the Shivva-class from A:4 Leviathan? And, if so, were you unable to get deckplans for use in the TA?

Have fun,
Hi Bill

Thankyou for your kind words.
The Zho ship outlined in GA-2 is not a Shivva as a Shivva is config-7. The ship approximates stats for a Zho corvette outlined in the CT Adventure "Expedition to Zhodane".



Thanks for the pointer! I knew I'd seen the design in your TA somewhere... mutter, mutter, mutter

Anyway... anyone who hasn't purchased a TA subscription yet is really, really, REALLY missing out. You just got to see what crunchy Traveller goodness fellows like Mike and the rest are putting out there!

Have fun with a TA!
It seems to me that Spinward Rebellion is totaled. I would think that it would be cheaper to replace it than salvage it.
It might even be faster.
Hmmmmmm. I thought about that, but for the sake of consistency I thought it best to salvage the ship. If, as a ref, you wanted to total it and get the navy to replace it with another FT under the Navy's underwriting policy for auxiliaries pressed into service, that would work too.