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The Future of 2320AD (redux)


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With Hunter's return, 2320AD can move forward again. I'm cautiously optimistic about things at the moment. First thing to be released will likely be 2320AD Lite. With any luck, this may be out in a few weeks (no, really), along with a freebie intro adventure. Well, more of a scenario, along with notes.

After that, of course, is the full 2320AD. I have waited a long time for this to see the light of day, and it looks like that is going to happen.

And the future? I have plans and ideas, but we'll have to wait and see.

What would people like to see?
1) A gear, ships and vehicles book. With a construction system if possible.

2) An updated Colonial Atlas

3) An update Earth book (Skipping Cybertech IMHO)
It's about the same type of coverage as found in T20 Lite. You'll need the T20 Handbook or T20 Lite to really use it, but it has enough to get a 2320 campaign going.

1. Forget Earth, I want to see the whole bloody Solar System detailed plus the Centauri system. In loving detail that would put Transhuman Space to shame.
2. Book on Foundations detailing the existing and expanding them outward.
3. Deep Space Exploration sourcebook
4. A series of books to cover different continents and the major and minor powers complete with their colonies
5. More starships

and what good Michael suggested but I think my post covers a little more.
Greetings and salutations,

I would like to see the following:

  • Books and (construction rules) for the following: star/space ships; vehicles; weapons; gear</font>
  • Rules for world creation</font>
  • An updated Colonial Atlas</font>
  • race/species book(s)</font>
  • corporate and/or organization book(s)</font>
  • workable trade system (you know some player is going to want to be a merchant)</font>
  • adventures and campaigns</font>
  • military TO&Es</font>
I want it all! :D
The Frontier section of 2320AD is going to have almost as much information per planet as the old Colonial Atlas did, along with a world map and more geographical detail.

One current plan is to have an adventure series, where each book is a combination of an adventure and a sourcebook. Whether the sourcebook is on a planet, a ship, or an outpost, it doesn't matter. There are several ideas floating around for this series. One for Aurore, one for King, another for Bessieres, and a few others.

How do those sound?
sounds great! An adventure set purely in space maybe? How about a large scenario book (like chaosium used to do) of, for example: seven major worlds each getting 1 10 page scenario and 2 pages of plot seeds. Let the ref's embellish how they will.
-Races Book.
*How works the comerce with the pentapods?
*How difficult is communicate with the aliens?

-Corporation Books
*With info for the players, and secret info for the masters ( secrets of AmeriCo per example )
*Detailed Info about Provolution

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Originally posted by hunter:
It's about the same type of coverage as found in T20 Lite. You'll need the T20 Handbook or T20 Lite to really use it, but it has enough to get a 2320 campaign going.

Might that include...maybe...perhaps...possibly...

:: puts on big shiny puppy-dog eyes ::

...stats on the aliens...?

Yes, I know I'm obsessed. I'm ashamed.



No, I'm not...
2320AD Lite only has stats on Kafers, but it does have info for all the other races. It does not include the chargen rules for Kafers, however, just some examples. The full book will have chargen for all the races (well, not all of the Ylii phyla...), though not for the vanished/extinct/uber-powerful (Medusae-Enemy/Aquilans/AGRA).
Originally posted by Sigg Oddra:
I'd like to see a big campaign books with lots of scenarios and a setting secret revealing meta-plot.
At one point, Loren Wiseman had mentioned wanted to do one of these with me .It would have been pretty exactly as you wished. In fact, he edited bits out of the book so that we could do it...
I'd like that - or even a book with 'options' for the metaplot. "Pick Your Own Big Secret" kind of thing.

More stuff like Bayern would be nice, a big stonkin' epic campaign...
I have thought about revisiting the Bayern campaign, and making it a much bigger book. Include some details of the systems visited, add more ssytems, more informationa about the route., the encounter with the unidentified alien vessel, even more information on what was being done to the Pleiades. More detail on the Bayern itself, with maps and diagrams. But then again, I'm a sucker for maps and diagrams.

There are some big metalots in 2300, not all of which are intended for public consumption, but which I kept in mind as I wrote some the book. I don't know if any of them were intended by the game's original designers, but they are the ones I came up with as I wrote it. I even discussed some of them in some long-vanished post in the Moot.
I do have an equipment book roughed out, with some new weapons, armor, and gear. I should have that ready to go shortly after 2320AD (full) comes out.
Yes, I remember that post, and it was great - and I remember how you ended it - basically you said "that's my idea, anyway" and I think a book of those would be great. No single One True Metaplot, but a bunch of them. That's fun.

"Bayern's Return" would be awesome. But so would other stories about other expeditions - what else is relatively nearby that would bear investigation? Bayern was a 700ly trip, right? What else is within 1000ly?
Antares is about 600 light years away. As a supergiant, it would be worth studying. The neutron star PSR B0656+14, and it's accompanying supernova remant, is 950 ly away. By 2320AD a black hole could even have been discovered in that 1000 ly radius, so any number of long-range missions are possible.


However, keep in mind that it was the meddling by AGRA, detectable from Earth, that led the ARI to mount an expedition to the Pleiades.