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The Dajina Sector

The universe I use for Traveller is an alternate one. When I first began playing Traveller back in the late '70's it was with the three book boxed set, and I had to come up with my own universe as the Imperium was unknown to me at the time.
My universe is much smaller and younger than the Imperial one. Briefly, the history goes like this; After developing jump drive in the late 21st century, Humanity expanded outward for several hundred years, contacting many alien races. At it's height, the "Terran Republic" was about four sectors in diameter. As it's size grew the problems of governance grew as well. The government became repressive, leading to a civil war. The Republic was splintered into many smaller states which continue to squabble with each other.
Set in the 27th century (Terran time is still the interstellar standard), my campaigns thusfar have all been in the Dajina Sector, an area of space that was once on the Republic's fringe. The sector is dominated by three major powers; the Sadraukan Empire (genetically engineered bad guys), the Vulpan Union (an alien race with a culture similar to medieval Japan), and the League of Planets (a mutual defense alliance of otherwise independant worlds). There are also many independant worlds.
Campaigns are generally very action oriented, with lots of conflict. As I said, it was hevily influenced by Star Wars.