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The Boy King

So I bought myself a copy of The Boy King for Pendragon, and thought, hey, cool.

Now, one of the things I've said to slag off anything that might depose Virus and the Coalition from the top of the food chain was that I thought all this stuff with the Black Imperium and the Dominate and whatnot put all the interesting bits before the game started.

So, The Boy King.

Now, heres a book that is beautifully done, with an epic sweeping arc that I have heard one of the Great Gods of Gaming describe as The Most Perfect Roleplaying Game.

And it is. Its ⌧ing good. Beautiful even.

Anyway, I still vaguely think that it could be a waste to use all the interesting bits to set up a world to play in.

But, like, one of the things I didn't care for in TBK is that it occasionally talks about having the players watch as a damsel turns up and sends off someone famous to do something, or has a sidebar about How To Make Your PC's Fail So The Quest Can Be Completed Later By Lancelot.

Not good, I thought.

Which leads me to my Ultimate Game.

First you need people who don't know the story, or you hide that you are doing Traveller by changing the name. Then have the PC's play Strephon and his staff (and their decendents or other successors) through the epic arc from the assassination to the reformation.

Or less ambitiously, a series of adventures set during the lifting of the black curtain.

Or a sidebar telegraphing that Hey, You Can Treat The History Section As An Adventure Numbnutz. Cause, like, I need that kind of telegraphing.