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Tech Level 7, Atmosphere 0 – Candia / Pax Rulin

Maybe someone might find use for this information, or be inspired by some of the thoughts. In the little time :( I can devote to Traveller, aside from history and FFS designs, I like to detail worlds. Below is a sketch for the detail of Candia in the Pax Rulin Subsector.

Candia - 1801 Trojan Reach;
Regency Sourcebook stats: D4007A9-7 NaVa 103Re M7V [M2D]
IMTU stats: D4006A9-7 NaNiVa 803Im M2V M7V
[I have developed my own UWP which reflects atmospheric composition, atmospheric pressure, mean surface temperature, prohibitions and general freedom / repression, but for simplicity I present the data in standard TNE format]

The technology level of Candia is dangerously low for a vacuum world. Candia was originally colonized by Romar / Glisten, first in the hopes of mineral extraction (proving fruitless) and then in the hope (wishful thinking) that Candia would become a stepping stone for the development of the Outrim Void. When an economic depression hit Romar, Candia was quickly abandoned; by the time contact resumed with the Imperium, Candia was a regressed colony on the verge of extinction. The tech level fell to 4; there was the constant fear that life support would fail. The lack of water became a crisis that resulted in numerous deaths among the elderly and infirm; strict rationing was instituted. Occasional missions to the outer reaches of the system brought back welcome ice balls, but it was no minor miracle that the only two (barely) operational vessels (both boats) survived the trips. Fortunately, rediscovery (just in time) prevented the inevitable mass death. And although she was spared the fate of Vior
and similar abandoned colonies on hostile planets, Candia changed little over the years. The tech level has grown very slowly, from 4 to high-7. The planetary government has brokered a contract with Cyan for technical support and the importation of high-tech life support equipment (Kryslion lost the bidding). This has lead to a very slow, but steady, technological advance. Aside from the technicians who regularly travel from Cyan, Candia was little visited for many years after rediscovery. In addition to the low tech level and general undesirability of a vacuum world, Candia is mineral-poor (Selenian world; see Selenian type - ArcBuilder ); mushroom gardens from the inhabited cave systems (all man-made) still provide most of the sustenance and export (pharmaceuticals in particular; certain extracts contain powerful anticarcinogens).

The civil war and the coming of Virus changed the fate of Candia. As an interface world, Candia received a small scout station, was visited often by naval warships, saw much interaction with the Aslan and attracted a rather large criminal element which remains to this day. Some ships make regular stops at Candia; the tramp liner/passenger-cargoman Marion's Star visits two or more times a year.

Much of the population (adjusted by myself to 8 million), which has shown some growth in the last century, is due to development by Arkesh Spacers and the reaction of Arkesh Spacer’s competitors. Seeking a competitive edge over BT and McClellan Factors, Arkesh Spacers established a modest refueling and repair facility on Candia. Their class-F spaceport (with refined fuel) is not represented in the UWP, as the entire facility is completely off-limits to unauthorized personnel. McClellan Factors and Baraccai Technum have opened small offices near the public class-D starport in response to the Arkesh Spacers move; BT has recently constructed a small freight depot.

Although the population of Candia has indeed grown somewhat in the last 100 years, increased contact with Cyan, Kryslion and T’yana (Egyrn) recently sparked an exodus brought under control only by rather harsh methods from the dictatorship.

The law level on Candia is high. Travellers are required to obtain a permit to travel on the world’s surface; such permits are often difficult to obtain (the government has a vested interest in keeping travelers in the inhabitations near the starport, where they will spend money on overpriced goods and services). Those with proof of business on Candia (valid contract, etc. – bribery just might work as well) have an easier time obtaining permits and are exempt from the air tax. Firearms were originally strictly prohibited; with the increase in interstellar contact, and the growth of a criminal (especially smuggling) element, citizens are permitted to purchase certain firearms with a permit (aside from weapons stored with the starport authority, or kept in a berthed ship or boat, firearm possession among travelers is strictly prohibited – punishment for such an offense is 1-5 years in prison). Law enforcement is lax outside of the main inhabitations (Arkesh Spacers personnel flagrantly disobey the prohibition – bribes and thinly-veiled threats have placed them above the law) and non-existent off world. The government, while less brutal than most dictatorships (and thus no Amber zone), is corrupt.

The future of Candia is uncertain. With increased contact and the dream of a link to Egyrn finally coming to fruition, the tech level will unquestionably grow. But younger generations on a mineral-poor dusty rock, armed with the knowledge of other worlds and the ability to depart to them, will abandon their birthworld in large numbers. If the government of Candia continues its policy of severely limiting emigration, strife will likely result

Hope you enjoy!

-Alan O.