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Taveller Players in Indiana

I am looking for Traveller Players in Central Indiana. Preferably in the Columbus, Shelbyville, Seymore area; or Indianapolis! If you have a group or want to start one send me an email at: lengland9702@yahoo.com. I have a place to play at on Saturday evenings if you're interested in joining/starting a group!

Originally posted by lengland:
I am still looking for Traveller players in Central Indiana. Anyone interested contact me at:

Hi Larry,
Actually I am running a game in Northern Indiana. (Though we don't play face to face.) Online every Wednesday evening, if you are interested.

hello Bruce; Yes I am interested in playing online. Just let me what chat program you are using for it, time, and (dumb question here- I am guessing it is T20)which traveller system.

Sorry I haven't responded to your email yet-r/l.