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Taking pre-orders for the YC Veh Catalog?


This is a question for Hunter et al at QLI...

Do you plan on doing pre-orders for the Yiarn Caardee Vehicle Catalog? If so, what are your plans, if I may ask?

How's it coming along, anyway?



PS -- this question is to help me answer a related question for myself: do I make a purchase of things now, or should I wait till the YCVC is released?
Hey Hunter:

Are you on vacation? Or have you been?

(If so, I hope it was/is good! You surely deserve one...)

Any chance for a reponse, if only: "no information available yet; will know something by date X."

Thanks in advance,
Good news to anyone (besides me) who's tracking this thread:

In this thread Hunter states that he plans to set up preorders for the YC book this weekend.