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TA5 Mistake??


Hello all

I think that I’ve found a slight hiccup in TA5.

Quote from TA5:
This adventure begins on Kiikkedia (1235) in the Satyressia subsector of Ley Sector, and moves to New Kurdistan (1134) in the same subsector.

From the maps I have downloaded of Ley sector, Kiikkedia and New Kurdistan are in the Outreaumer subsector not Satyressia. Can anyone shed any light on the subject?

Be lucky,

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Looking at the maps I have, the individual download ones, you are correct. Aw well, these things happen. It's difficult to catch every little thing.
Partly my fault. I missed catching it. The adventure was originally set another area and moved into the Gateway region. Thus there were changes made to the locations. I double-checked the worlds (and caught one error) but the subsector name was one of those in Gateway and I honestly didn't double-check it. So I'll take the hit for that.

Things like this are why I like releasing them as a PDF before we print them. Gives us a last chance to get in front of a lot more 'fresh' eyeballs to help catch anything we might have missed before it goes to press.

Good catch!

Okay then. Hunter, go to your room! Oh you're there already, well stay there.

Everybody giving these a once over before they are released in print makes them even better products. Ensures the mistakes of Imperium Games aren't repeated. Always nice to have them on a pre-release basis anyway. Will the PDF be corrected once all these are in?
Okay, I guess this is the closest thing we have to a TA5 typo section, eh?

Has anyone noticed that unlike the other 4 issues of TA no where in TA5 is it designated as TA #5?
It simply refers to itself as "Traveller's Aide."

No where, that I can I find does it say "Traveller's Aide #5."

May I be so bold to ask were the adventure was originally set in the Spinward Marches? Just out of plain nosyness!

Damn fine piece of work by the way, to all involved.

Be lucky,

Originally posted by Nellkyn:

May I be so bold to ask were the adventure was originally set in the Spinward Marches? Just out of plain nosyness!
Of course! It was set on Rhylannor and Jae Telona. I did the Marches setting as I din't know anything about the QLI Gateway Domain at the time.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions about the adventure I can if my answers will be of any use.