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TA3? and Fixing the T20 tables in TA1


What's the status of TA3? Does anyone know what it is going to be about or if it has even been written? I really like TA2, which is funny, because I didn't get it until I read the Favorite Story thread on this forum.

Also, I remember something about an updated version of TA1 which was going to have prettier table listings of the T20 weapons. Is this still gonna happen? Thanks!
Not sure how much I can help here but as Hunter et al. may be busy...

TA #3 is indeed written, and proofed (by myself for one) but I believe the author had some serious RL commitments that have put it behind it's release date in final form. It will be about Ground Vehicles as I recall.

I can't say much about the promised reworkings for TA #1 but there may be some trouble with reformatting it, or maybe they are just too busy doing the Great Big Book of T20 and the equally great (I hope, not having had time to preview the preview and offer my own nitpicking) Tiny Book of T20.

Anyway, not much of an answer but it's all I know, just a little more than you did, a very little more ;)

Dan "far-trader" Burns
TA3 is in, and ready to go. However, it's behind the Big Book in layout, so it'll not be done for a while yet. other TA Manuscripts are due in soon.