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TA1 vs T20 burst fire rules (and gauss pistol damage)


Don't worry, soon I will actually have the chance to *play* T20 and I can stop bothering you guys with combat questions (frankly, everything else is straightforward).

On the TA1 vs T20 burst fire rules, which do you guys prefer? Have people used both and does one set seem better than the other (if you haven't bought TA1, don't worry about it)? Thanks!

On the Gauss pistol damage in TA1- I think 1d12(x3) is horribly inconsistent. Leaving the range the same, I'm probably gonna make it 2d12(x2)...MAYBE 2d10(x2) but then it starts to lose armor penetrating capability and it should be better than a heavy pistol at that. I could always reduce the cost of AP gauss ammo (how can those darts NOT be AP???)

Thanks guys!
Since TA1 came out before the T20 hardcover was finalized, there are a few inconsistencies (like 6rd bursts).
Besides that, I am using the weapons as is. I've matched up the standard weapons with their counterparts in the T20 book, and use the TA1 stats in cases where they are slightly different. As for area fire and suppression, I'm still debating, but I think I'm going to use a mix of TA1 and the rules from Spycraft.
Damage wise, I think d12 works fine for the gauss pistol. I am not using damage mulipliers in my campaign, since all criticals ignore armor. I'm giving my players a wee bit more survivability against crits.