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TA vs. EPIC -- is there really a difference?

I'm wondering what the difference is between a Traveller's Aide and an EPIC Adventure. TAs have cover art, EPICs don't. TA5 was an EPIC adventure, at least according to the introduction, so obviously the subject matter can't be _that_ different.

The price is the same, other than that EPICs aren't included in my TA subscription. (Which I find rather annoying, given how TAs are still not adhering to the advertised schedule. Theoretically my subscription expires in three weeks, with five issues unfilled -- and I've taken everything offered.)
The failure is ours, so subecriptions will be extended as TAs 8 and 9 etc come out.

We are considering allowing TA and EA on the same subscription.

TA5 predated the EPIC concept. These days we've separated the two because they're somewhat different - TA is for source material and EA is adventures.
I would also like to see more flexibility on what the subscription entails. Since I purchased a 12 issue subscription, and only downloaded 6 to date, the sporatic TA releases is making me rather nervous regarding whether I made the "right" decision.

If the subscription credits could be applied to the EPIC adventures also, that would be great. In the end, if they are digital d/l's, it shouldn't make any difference (except for maybe revenue stream tracking).