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TA Early Fallen question....


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I was wondering if the Early Fallen PDF contains a full sector map of the Diaspora sector? Does anybody know?

And more importantly, does it only contain sector data/map for the Milieu 1202? Or does it also contain data for Golden Age 1106-1116?

If it contained Diaspora sector data for the Golden/Classic era, then it might be worth a few dollars to me. Otherwise.... bleh.
It doesn't have a Diaspora sector map or data.

It does have two Promise subsector maps, which is a subsector of Diaspora. One for "The Rebellion Era", and one for 1202. However, neither come with upp data other than what can be gathered from the maps themselves; starport type, gas giant presence, and alliegence code.

The only upp data is for the target world itself.

Unless my download was somehow incomplete.

It's not really expensive and it's a pretty good senario though it is very fixed in a post TNE setting. I suspect you'd have some work to do for it to be all that usefull for a CT'er.
Originally posted by SanDragon:
Not interested in the Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector? Published for MegaTraveller?
Actually I am considering the Diaspora Astrogator's guide too... but this QLI Early Fallen sorta *looked* like a more recent product and more modern, so I assumed that it would contain nice sector maps/data included. The PDF has the big word 'DIASPORA' written across it in the cover page.

Ah well. Thanks for the response to both of you. I think I may end up buying the Diaspora Astrogator's PDF instead.... I know that it sells in RPGNow.